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Caring for our skin and hair in summer

Caring for our skin and hair in summer

Published: 6 October, 2016 - Updated: 13 April, 2021 | 2'

Summer is a time of the year when our skin and hair are often exposed to many external aggressions. These include not only the effects of the rays of the sun, but also salt water. Therefore, it is important to take care of our body in summer.

Pay attention to your skin during the hot months.

The sun provides the body with a wide variety of vitamins, but it also has a harmful effect on the skin and hair. After a day spent in the sun on the beach or in the mountains, it is necessary to provide the body with some special care to hydrate, nourish and regenerate the skin. The visible clues that our skin gives us to know that it needs immediate care are the appearance of cracks and spots on the skin. These visible effects should not be taken only as an unaesthetic fact, but as the need for care that our skin has. If you feel dry skin it is important to apply a good moisturizer or body oil.

Diet also plays an important role in keeping skin healthy. Water is the main element that we must include in our diet as it helps hydration and helps the body to eliminate toxins through the skin. Drinking is a good way to hydrate the whole body.

There are some nutrients such as proteins, mineral salts (zinc, manganese and magnesium) and vitamins (especially A, B and C) that are essential in a diet for the skin to be healthy and well cared for. Recommended foods with important amounts of nutrients include carrots, oranges, hazelnuts, almonds, watercress, milk or brown rice.

Should your skin be red or tight, a natural remedy to moisturize and soothe the skin is aloe vera, which also helps to soothe and refresh the skin after exposure to the sun.

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Hair care in summer

Summer is a time of increased external aggressors to the hair. These include the sun, salt water, chlorine from swimming pools and sand.

Salt water affects the static charge as well as the elastic properties of the hair, making it fragile, brittle, dry and dull. After swimming in the sea or in the pool it is necessary to rinse the hair with plenty of cold water, that will remove the remains of sand, chlorine or salt. As for the exposure of the hair to the sun, ultraviolet rays have a severe effect on the elastic properties of the hair.

Do not forget the importance of nutrition for the well-being of the hair. Lack of protein, folic acid, iron or vitamins A, B and C also affects the hair, which is dry and brittle. Sources of these nutrients can be found in whole grains, nuts, dried fruits, fish oil, and of course in vegetables such as spinach or broccoli or fruits such as oranges and kiwi.