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5 Steps to Maintain Strong and Healthy Hair

5 Steps to Maintain Strong and Healthy Hair

Published: 8 April, 2024 | 4'

The skin and hair are the parts of the body that are most exposed to external factors throughout the year. For example, in summer, the hair is subjected to intense sun exposure, seawater, and swimming pools, or sudden changes in temperature.

When September arrives, the damage that the hair was already suffering from is added to by the stress of returning to the routine and autumn, so it is important to monitor and maintain the appearance of the hair. In addition, the cold and humidity or dryness of the environment, depending on where you live, also affects the condition of the hair, making it more frizzy, dull, and lifeless.

Take note of these 5 recommendations to add to your hair routine and enjoy great hair.

Routine for healthy and strong hair

Maintaining healthy hair not only depends on its external care, but also on our internal well-being. Therefore, we must pay special attention to other factors such as diet, along with daily hair care such as brushing and washing, to ensure comprehensive and long-lasting care.

1. Plan your healthy meals rich in vitamin C

Nutricosmetics supplements

Include foods with a high content of vitamin C in your weekly menu, such as oranges, grapes, kiwis, or broccoli. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that care for the hair follicles, and it is also very beneficial for skin care. You can include it in your diet in the form of dietary supplements like Liposomal VIT-C 1000, with liposomal vitamin C. Liposomal technology achieves greater bioavailability in the bloodstream compared to a standard vitamin C supplement.

Other foods such as eggs, salmon, pistachios, or almonds provide an extra dose of iron and zinc, which also help with hair growth and firmness.

2. Prevent hair loss

Do you experience hair loss during seasonal changes? Don't worry, it's normal! Seasonal hair loss occurs more frequently in autumn, but it can also happen in spring and is due to the natural hair cycle.

We can also experience intense hair loss at certain times for other reasons such as stress, hormonal changes, an inadequate daily care routine...

In these situations, using a specific treatment for hair loss can be useful, with natural ingredients and specific active substances for hair care such as collagen, keratin, zinc, biotin, or selenium. Biotin contributes to the normal maintenance of hair. A study published in 2021 demonstrated that, after taking biotin for three months, the women participating in the satisfaction surveys saw positive changes in overall hair volume (92%), thickness (82%), and shine (75%).1

CAPILMAR PACK is an intensive anti-hair loss treatment for 30 days that combines a lotion and a dietary supplement in capsules to repair the hair from the root. 

On one hand, the spray lotion helps to prevent hair loss and, thanks to the combination of its active ingredients, it prolongs the hair growth phase. On the other hand, the capsules nourish the hair follicle, promoting hair repair.

3. Use oils with natural ingredients

In addition to caring for the hair from the inside, we must pay attention to the washing and hydration routine on the outside.

After washing, you can apply oils with natural ingredients that deeply nourish the hair, such as Pure Natural Jojoba Oil, applying a few drops from mid-lengths to ends.

This restores the flexibility and softness of the hair, as it creates a protective film effect and hydrates the follicle.

Another option is to apply the oil as a "mask" before washing. You can apply a small amount and leave it on for a few minutes. Then, wash your hair as usual and reapply a few drops to the ends after drying.

4. Include a Nutricosmetics supplement

In addition to a varied and balanced diet, you can include a Nutricosmetics supplement to complete your beauty routine in just 3 seconds, with 1 drinkable vial per day ofBeauty In & Out Elixir. This supplement has a complete formula that acts from within to care for your skin, and its benefits are also noticeable in hair shine.

Beauty In & Out Elixir is the perfect complement. It provides a high concentration of hydrolyzed collagen or collagen peptides, along with other natural ingredients such as biotin, which synergistically work from within. The combination of biotin and collagen peptides is perfect for maintaining a firm hair structure by thickening the hair fibers.

This extra boost is especially recommended during times when we need to give our hair an extra vitality, especially if it appears more dull.

For example, after summer when it has been exposed to intense sun exposure, or during seasonal changes in autumn or spring.

5. The 3 rules for proper washing and drying

3 rules for proper washing and drying

Finally, we suggest these simple gestures that will help enhance the condition of your hair and that you can easily incorporate into your regular washing routine:

  • Comb your hair before washing it. Wetting tangled or knotted hair will only make it tangle even more in the shower, and it will be more prone to breakage when drying and styling.
  • Avoid using hot water excessively. Did you know that washing your hair with very hot water can dehydrate it and make it look dull? Opt for lukewarm water during the shower or finish with a cold water rinse at the end of washing.
  • Finish drying with cold air. The function of the cool air button on the hairdryer is to eliminate frizz, so finishing your drying with the cool air setting will make your hair look more smooth and beautiful.