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The exclusive selection of ingredients in MARNYS® products of natural origin allows you to provide your immune system with an extra boost in exceptional situations.

Our body is constantly subjected to different chemical and biological agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi), stimuli, aggressions, among others. Thus, our immune system is the "guardian of our health", hence the importance of keeping it in good condition.

Immune system


Immune system and defences

The immune system or immune system contributes to the maintenance of the integrity of the individual by removing external substances or infectious agents to which the individual is exposed. It is also able to discern between healthy and unhealthy normal cells and to recognise "danger" signs that may affect the body.

Viruses, for example, can be spread through the air, by contact with secretions or through water, among other ways. The immune system detects this virus, activating all its "machinery" to prevent transmission and prepare the body for both combat and recovery.

It is a system as complex as the nervous system, so its optimal state is key to effective defence and action against external aggression. The immune system is present both outside our bodies, in our skin and our tears, as well as inside us. There, it is found in cells, such as white blood cells, and as organs that provide defence elements such as the tonsils, spleen, lymph nodes and the entire mucosa covering our digestive tract.

How do we protect our defences?

The close relationship between nutrition and immunity is a key and very complex process. Food and its nutrients are key to the development and preservation of the immune system. Therefore, any nutritional unbalance will affect the competence of the immune system in some way.

Thus, a healthy and balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system and its reaction to different external infectious agents such as viruses or bacteria. It is also possible to contribute to improving its levels by taking food supplements during some extraordinary periods when we require more from our body.

Besides nutrition, it is recommended to keep an active lifestyle and a healthy weight, as well as to avoid substances that are harmful to the body such as tobacco or alcohol. It is also important to get proper sleep on a regular routine and to reduce stress as much as possible.