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Top 5 Marnys products to look radiant at this spring's events

Top 5 Marnys products to look radiant at this spring's events

Published: 3 April, 2024 | 3'

Spring is synonymous with good weather and many choose this season to celebrate their special events such as weddings or baptisms, as well as being the time for First Holy Communions. We leave coats and sweaters behind, revealing our skin, and the sun is the star of all get-togethers.

The change of season brings more daylight and milder temperatures, but these changes in the weather also affect the condition of our skin, hair, and nails. For example, it is common to experience seasonal hair loss for a few weeks. In addition, increased sun exposure particularly affects the skin, making it a time to pay special attention to protect it from potential damage and prevent premature aging.

Prepare your skin for the most anticipated occasions of the year and the good weather with these 5 MARNYS nutricosmetics and natural skincare products designed to enhance your beauty and shine at any event!

The concentration of collagen that can be felt with Beauty In & Out Elixir

Complete your beauty routine in just 3 seconds with 1 drinkable vial per day of Beauty In & Out Elixir, a nutricosmetic supplement with a complete formula that works from the inside to reduce signs of aging on the skin, reducing fine lines and providing firmness to the skin on the face, neck, and décolletage. Additionally, its benefits can also be felt in the shine of the hair and nails.

It contains a high concentration of hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, grape seeds, vitamins, and minerals specially selected to provide extra vitality to our skin and hair during seasonal changes or high sun exposure.

  • Complete formula with active ingredients that work from the inside for their effects to be reflected on the outside.
  • Tastes like forest fruits.


Liposomal Vitamin C, your rejuvenating antioxidant in VIT-C 1000

Did you know that Vitamin C also plays a role in the health of our skin? It is a powerful antioxidant and, in addition, it helps with the formation of collagen, a protein that is part of the structure of the skin and hair, promoting their elasticity and firmness.

If you're thinking of taking advantage of all these benefits of Vitamin C, don't hesitate! VIT-C 1000 will be your best ally thanks to its liposomal technology and advanced release, which achieves greater absorption of Vitamin C, allowing you to enjoy its benefits.

  • Drinkable single-dose vials with orange flavor, perfect for carrying and consuming anywhere.
  • Liposomal advanced release technology.


Movie-worthy lashes, voluminous, long and full with Ricinlash

Strong and naturally voluminous lashes? It's possible with Ricinlash, a repairing and moisturizing oil for lashes and eyebrows designed to enhance your most striking look.

Its formula combines Organic Castor Oil with other ingredients such as Sea Buckthorn Oil and extracts of Centella Asiatica and Calendula, which regenerate damaged lashes and stimulate natural hair growth. It contributes to hair repair, providing volume and density for long and full lashes.

  • With applicator brush for easy use.
  • 100% natural ingredients and suitable for vegans.



Put a stop to hair loss during the change of season with CAPILMAR

Revitalize and repair your hair from the roots, making it grow strong and shiny with intensive anti-hair loss care for 30 daysin CAPILMAR Pack, which contains a hair loss lotion and capsules for complete action. Revitalize and restore firmness to your hair to show off luscious locks on the day of the event with:

  • CAPILMAR Lotion stops intense hair loss thanks to the combination of its active ingredients and promotes hair growth by stimulating keratin production. The exclusive combination of active ingredients revitalizes the scalp and restores firmness to the hair. Made from natural ingredients with a fast-absorbing formula that does not leave a greasy residue.
  • CAPILMAR capsules intensely nourish the hair follicle and promote hair repair thanks to the combination of active ingredients such as collagen, keratin, biotin, zinc, selenium, and saw palmetto, among others.


A good night's sleep is crucial before the event! Your ally: Liposomal Melatovit

A good rest is as important as following a balanced diet and a proper skincare routine for the well-being of your skin and hair, although we sometimes forget it. Additionally, the change of season and time in spring can also disrupt melatonin levels and, with it, our sleep cycle.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by our brain that plays a role in our nighttime rest, as its levels control when we fall asleep and wake up. Liposomal Melatovit is a food supplement based on pure liposomal melatonin that will help you have a restful sleep. Melatonin contributes to reducing the time it takes to fall asleep.

  • With liposomal technology for greater availability and absorption of the active ingredient.
  • Handy dropper format with orange flavor.


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