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Men’s corner: Products for health and natural cosmetics

Men’s corner: Products for health and natural cosmetics

Published: 25 April, 2019 - Updated: 19 February, 2021 | 2'

Do you know what the main beauty concerns of men are? Hair loss, wrinkles, facial cleansing and moisturising the skin after shaving are some of them. Cosmetics for men is no longer taboo. Nowadays, men are more concerned about taking care of their physical appearance and also of their health.

Health and beauty in men over 40

Ejercicio físicoMen and women face many tasks and concerns every day. Well-being and beauty are some of them. Over the years, our bodies demand small lifestyle changes in order to feel good. Regarding wellness for men, there are two main areas to pay attention to:

  •  Healthy diet: Unhealthy diets and lack of physical exercise are among the main health risk factors. They cause an imbalance between body needs and nutrient intake. Adequate nutrient intake will keep weight and body composition in balance.
  • Physical exercise: A daily exercise routine can help you manage your weight and reduce your health risk. Sports Nutrition complements a healthy diet and helps recovery, endurance, energy and physical well-being.

You do not know what sport to do? A 30-minute daily walk at a moderate pace is a good way to start your exercise routine. All kinds of physical exercise are good for your health.

Natural cosmetics for men

Apart from caring about their appearance, men are becoming more aware of the importance of using natural cosmetics products that are respectful of their skin and the environment. Therefore, beauty routines for men have a good ally in MARNYS® natural cosmetics products.

Cuida tu corazónLooking for a facial routine for men and would like some tips? Use natural products to care for the skin of men and enjoy the following natural skin care products:

  • Shaving: A smooth and irritation-free shave is now possible thanks to MARNYS® Vegetable Oils. Argan oil or jojoba oil are ideal to complement or be an option to traditional cosmetics and make them part of your daily facial routine.
    • MARNYS® natural cosmetics products with the COSMOS certification granted by SOIL ASSOCIATION guarantee:
    • The use of ingredients from organic farming.
    • The use of processes that respect the environment, under the concept of "green chemistry".
  • Skin cleansing, especially for oily skin: In order to keep the skin of men free and clean of impurities, there is nothing better than a natural purifier, such as tea tree oil. MARNYS® Tea Tree Oil helps to improve imperfections caused by oily skin. MARNYS® Acniroll is a very convenient format to apply directly on the area to be treated to clean and soothe pimples.
  • Beard care: If you like to show off your beard, you will know that its care is very important. We recommend you to moisturise, detangle and give shine to your beard with MARNYS® Organic Shea Butter, which does not leave a greasy film.
    • Would you like to know how to use shea butter for your beard? Apply a small amount on the palm of your hand, massage to melt it and spread it on your beard. Then massage and comb your beard as you like.