Organic Argan Oil

Liquid gold from Morocco

Shine and softness for hair and skin. Anti-aging effect. 100% organic and certified with COSMOS ORGANIC signature


MARNYS® Organic Argan Oil is a 100% pure, vegetable oil, with a light, fluid texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving oily residues. Argan Oil is extracted by cold-pressing the fruit kernels from argan trees (Argania spinosa) from south-east Morocco.

Provides nutrition, shine and softness to your skin and hair. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and damaged skin and hair.


  • Organic and natural cosmetics, 100% certified.
  • Provides essential fatty acids to the skin.
  • Contributes to reducing the signs of aging by its anti-aging effect and restoring the elasticity of the skin.
  • Promotes the integrity of the skin barrier, decreasing water loss and restoring moisture.
  • Powerful antioxidant action, attenuating the appearance of expression lines.
  • Protects the skin from external factors, such as the sun or wind.
  • Repairs dry and chapped hands.
  • Strengthens brittle nails.
  • Reduces the loss of hair protein which help strengthen the hair and stimulate hair growth. 
  • Nourishes and revitalizes the scalp, providing shine and intense softness for hair.
  • Suitable for vegans


Vegetable squalene highly resembles the skin given its similarity to the skin’s natural lipids. Tocopherol (vitamin E) and β-sitosterol, antioxidants that help the dermis absorb other compounds in order to achieve softer and more flexible skin and hair.

✓ No ingredients of animal origin.
✓ Recyclable packaging.


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  • On the skin: Argan oil can be applied to the skin of the face, neck or body. Always on clean skin (wet or dry), massaging gently until completely absorbed. Argan oil can also be added to your daily moisturizer. Apply a small amount of Argan oil on the palm of your hand and add the necessary amount of your daily moisturizing cream or lotion. Mix and spread with a gentle massage on your body or face.
  • On the hair: apply a small amount of Argan oil directly on clean and wet hair from middle of hair to ends before drying and combing. It can also be applied to wet hair before washing or to complement your shampoo or conditioner. Apply a few drops of the oil on the palm of your hand and add the necessary amount of your daily shampoo or conditioner. Mix, massage and rinse.
  • To strengthen nails: mix a few drops of Argan oil with lemon juice and leave on during the night without rinsing afterwards.


50ml bottle with spray 


Argania spinosa kernel oil*. *Organic farming.


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Why buy MARNYS® Argan Oil?

MARNYS® Organic Argan Oil is certified with the COSMOS ORGANIC signature, which guarantees:

• The use of products from organic farming and respect for biodiversity.

• The use of natural resources responsibly, and respect for the environment.

• The use of processing and manufacturing processes that are clean and respectful to human health and the environment.

Pure and natural Argan oil 

Argan Oil is especially beneficial for dry skin and brittle, weak and damaged hair, although it can be applied to any hair and skin type. It has got a light texture and is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy feeling.

What are the benefits of Argan Oil for skin and hair?


5 reviews for Organic Argan Oil

  1. Paula

    Very good!

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  2. Carla Gutiérrez

    Comfortable and very versatile format. I will definitely use this brand again.

    [Translated from]

  3. Bego MH

    I love this oil, I put it on my hair only on the ends. I love it because it doesn't leave a greasy feeling.

    [Translated from]

  4. elenaloy

    I have atopic skin and it helps me a lot.

    [Translated from]

  5. Holimemoli

    I have used this oil on both my face and hair and it makes such a difference; the shine, softness and healthy look of both is wonderful!

    [Translated from]

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