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29 November, 2016

Marnys expands US business with backing from prestigious Food and Drug Administration agency

Source: La Opinión de Murcia 28/11/2016

The company specialising in health, nutrition and natural beauty was one of the first to partner with Amefmur.

They were among the first companies to say 'yes, I do' and thus confirm their membership of the Murcian Association of Family Businesses (Amefmur). That was 18 years ago, but the company Marnys-Martínez Nieto keeps intact its commitment to this organisation and, above all, it remains enthusiastic about a project of all and for all. It was in 1968 when the founder and president, José Martínez Nieto, and his wife, Sigrid Moeckel, decided to found a small company that gradually grew to reach the volume and importance it has today. It has been and continues to be a great business and personal adventure for all those involved.

Renewing day by day the desire to continue growing, to continue to have the trust of its customers and to offer solutions to problems related to health, nutrition or natural beauty is a continuous challenge.

Marnys, explains its general manager, Roberto Martínez, "is a company that believes in continuous research. Our laboratory is on a par with the major pharmaceutical companies and is undoubtedly a benchmark in our sector. Our control standards and facilities far exceed the most demanding health standards in the world, because we want to be permanently at the forefront of technology". Research and development work has enabled them to sell their products in more than sixty countries on five continents, including markets as complicated as the United States, where they have managed to get their plant validated by the prestigious Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They have a range of over four hundred products that are trusted by consumers from all over the world and from very diverse cultures. Right now, in fact, they export almost 80% of their production outside Spain. "This is a great satisfaction for our company and a source of pride because we are contributing to increasing local, regional and national wealth", explains Roberto Martínez.

2014: a key year

All in all, 2014 was certainly a momentous year for Marnys. With Spain going through the worst moment of the crisis, the company decided to inaugurate a 12,000 square metre plant in the Los Camachos industrial estate in Cartagena. This plant is a milestone in state-of-the-art technology and allows them to look to the future with great enthusiasm.

And although this year they have not been among those awarded by the organisation, its general manager points out that being awarded at the time "meant a renewal of the enthusiasm and effort with which we face our day-to-day work. The fact that what we do is always appreciated from the outside, but it also becomes a responsibility to continue being leaders in products related to health, nutrition and natural beauty. We are committed to our employees, and we are very aware that the main value of a company is the people who work in it".

They were also awarded prizes a year ago, which meant, says Roberto Martínez, "a renewal of the staff's enthusiasm".