• For more than 50 years, MARNYS® has been committed to the principles of quality, control, safety and innovation to ensure our customers top-quality products and processes.

Quality commitment


    At MARNYS, controlling the quality of raw materials, formulae design processes and finished products is essential. Highly qualified professionals and experts apply state-of-the-art technologies to perform specific analyses and tests throughout the productive process.

    Quality is guaranteed through individual inspections. We have our own technologically-advanced quality control laboratory, which allows MARNYS® staff to perform prompt quality controls. Currently, our laboratory is accredited according to Spanish standards (Spanish Ministry of Health).

Checking, revision and verification

  • MARNYS® products are manufactured according to the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and assessed to ensure they meet stringent specifications. Every year at MARNYS® we increase our investments in quality, surpassing the sector’s average, in order to improve our products. All our facilities are GMP accredited, which guarantees that our products are manufactured under the strictest hygiene conditions, with controlled temperature, pressure and humidity and permanent microbiological controls. Qualified professionals are responsible for ensuring that standards, audits, protocols, certification, calibration and procedures for each material and product are complied with.


Guarantee and safety


    Safety is one of MARNYS® main values. Countless measures are taken to guarantee that ingredient selection and monitoring during manufacturing and finishing processes prevent any possible flaws or contamination.
    Ensuring safety requires strict systems and processes, which MARNYS® quality experts perform under compulsory inspections and internal audits, thus guaranteeing compliance with the highest quality standards.

Documentation and innovation

  • MARNYS® team includes biochemists, pharmacists, nutritionists and food technology experts who are aware of the latest advances on a scientific and nutritional level. The dosages available for products are based on clinical trials and proven, public information.
    Current formulae are designed to contribute to healthy living and meet the needs of our customers’ wellness. Science must be at the service of the best formulae, which in turn will result in top-quality products.

Engagement and commitment


    MARNYS® delivery system ensures unbeatable delivery times to Europe, Asia, America and Africa, adding to an efficient service, as well as quality products and services.

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