Tea tree Roll-on

The roll-on for smooth, flawless skin

A pleasant blend of 100% natural Tea Tree Oil from Australia, antiseptic for skin, and Lavandin, calming and refreshing, which help leave your skin smooth and flawless.


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MARNYS® TEA TREE ROLL-ON. Balancing astringent tonic lotion. Provides protection with sebum regulating and mattifying action to look after skin. Especially suitable for combined to oily skin.


  • Refreshing blend of 100% natural tea tree and lavandin essential oils.
  • Tea tree essential oil from Australia is a natural antiseptic for skin.
  • With lavandin, calming and refreshing for skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types, combined or oily.
  • Its roll-on format means that it can be used any time and anywhere, given that it easily rolls on to the skin.
  • Steel roll-on ball.
  • Refreshing effect on skin.

Alcohol free, phenoxyethanol free, paraben free.

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Apply to cleanse and soothe blemishes one to three times a day.

Roll-on 10 ml


Apply to cleanse and soothe blemishes one to three times a day.


Roll-on 10 ml


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