Pure Royal Jelly

Pure Royal Jelly

Vital energy for everyday life

100% pure Royal Jelly

MN102-G - Pure Royal Jelly

MARNYS® Pure Royal Jelly contains 100% Pure Royal Jelly whose nutritional value provides extra energy for daily activities.

Its composition consisting of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids makes Pure Royal Jelly an essential ally in case of seasonal changes or times with physical and mental overactivity.

Recommended for both adults and children.

MARNYS® Pure Royal Jelly contributes to general well-being for those who are looking for extra energy for daily or extraordinary activities.

The usefulness of Royal Jelly has been proven since time immemorial by different civilisations, because:

  • Its nutritional content favours metabolic processes.
  • It's useful for demanding situations, as it's an easily available energy source.
  • The amino acids in Royal Jelly amount to 29, of which 10 are essential.

All MARNYS® natural products are scientifically tested to ensure maximum purity and quality. MARNYS® Pure Royal Jelly container is made of amber glass with spoon within a 100% recyclable expanded polystyrene storage case to keep the product away from heat and light. It does not contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).


100% pure Royal Jelly.


Warning: people with special sensitivity to bee products, please consult your physician.



1-3g a day before breakfast. 3 level teaspoons provide 1g. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep refrigerated at max. 5ºC.


10g Jar / 20g Jar / 40g Jar
· Food supplements should not be used as a substitiute for a balanced nutrition.
· It is recommended to keep a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
· Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
· Keep away from children.
· Do not store at a temperatures above 30ºC.


Bees feed mainly on nectar and pollen from flowering plants and produce Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly is mainly secreted by the glands of the worker bees between the sixth and twelfth day of life, and is an essential food for the development of the Queen Bee. It is a white, viscous substance secreted from the hypopharyngeal and mandibular glands of worker bees. It is also known as a “superfood“, consumed only by the Queen Bee.

Royal Jelly also feeds and nourishes the larvae that come out of the Queen Bee in their first 2-3 days of development. Royalactine is a protein present in Royal Jelly that enables the transformation of a larva into a queen bee. In addition, Royal Jelly contains 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid (HDA), which has got some very interesting properties. This super food is the major reason for the Queen Bee’s longevity in comparison with the rest of bees. Royal Jelly is widely used as a nutritional dietary complex for health, well-being, and has been traditionally used for thousands of years.



Pure Royal Jelly



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