Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 350g

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 350g

Eating oneself’s coconut was never so healthy

100% Natural from the first cold pressing, to be incorporated in our daily care, being the ideal substitute of any vegetable oil, margarine or butter.

AP108 - Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 350g

Virgin Coconut Oil MARNYS® is 100% Organic, Pure and Natural. It is obtained by first cold pressing and thus maintaining its characteristic nutrients, flavour and aroma, which make it ideal for cooking, baking, frying or dressing salads and vegetables, being the ideal substitute for any vegetable oil, margarine or butter.

Contrary to what may have been thought, it is a healthy oil to be incorporated into our daily care, as it provides many medium-chain fatty acids, which are very easy to digest.

Among these medium-chain fatty acids, Lauric Acid stands out. Our coconut oil contains up to 53% of this fatty acid. This fatty acid, in particular, is the one that contributes least to the body fat accumulation.

Virgin Coconut Oil MARNYS® is produced with fresh coconut meat, which has been dried and then cold-pressed in order to obtain the oil, without the need to perform any kind of chemical processes that involve refining, bleaching or deodorization.

Nutritional advantages:

• 100% Organic, Pure and Natural
• Cold-pressed
• Up to 53% Lauric Acid
• No added sugars
• No additives or artificial colouring agents
• No preservatives
• Without refining
• No nuts
• No milk protein
• No gluten
• Low sodium content
• No eggs
• No soya


100% virgin coconut oil (Cocos nucifera), and obtained by cold pressing.


Coconut oil solidifies at below 25°C. This does not affect the quality of the oil. To liquefy the oil, place the jar under a flow of hot water. Store at room temperature in a closed container and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.



To be added to your shakes, either to sweeten or enhance their flavour with the rest of ingredients. Remember, this product has a satiating property.

Use it directly on the toasted bread, either by smearing it as if it is margarine (the coconut oil solidifies at below 25ºC, without affecting its quality. If you would like to liquefy it, just place the jar under a flow of hot water) or spread it over the bread, like any vegetable oil.

Substitute olive oil with Virgin Coconut Oil MARNYS® in one of your sweets, like the traditional yogurt cake and you'll see how you will repeat using coconut oil.


Jar 350 gr


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