Eliminates lice and nits with natural and organic ingredients

Effective formula free of chemical insecticides. Nonirritant and protective of the hair structure

PH100 - Lendremar

MARNYS® Lendremar is an effective lice killer that removes head lice and nits from the first use in just 15 minutes. Besides, it does not irritate the scalp or eyes, and protects and maintains the hair structure, restoring and rebalancing the scalp flora.

MARNYS® Lendremar, unlike traditional treatments containing artificial insecticides, does not generate resistance.

It additionally includes a lice comb with double stripe pins that eliminates nits and lice from hair roots to ensure a 100% effective treatment.

The formulation of MARNYS® Lendremar is unique and innovative, combining natural ingredients and ingredients from organic farming: Tea Tree, Quassia Vinegar, Neem and Lavender, which effectively act against head lice and nits, with alpha-glucan oligosaccharide (prebiotic) that contributes to protecting your hair and scalp.

This unique prebiotic ingredient maintains the scalp’s natural and normal flora, preventing bacterial or fungal infections that can be caused by scratching due to lice infestation.

MARNYS® Lendremar is suitable for adults and children from 2 years of age.

This is the organic and natural treatment of choice to eliminate head lice and nits and to protect hair and scalp simultaneously.

Benefits and properties

  • Clinically tested under use conditions. The clinical study verifies the effectiveness to eliminate head lice and nits from the first use in just 15 minutes.
  • Its exclusive formula with herb extracts, Tea Tree, Neem and Quassia Vinegar, eliminates 100% of lice and nits.
  • The lice comb with double stripe pins is essential for a 100% effective treatment, removing nits and lice from hair roots mechanically.
  • It avoids resistance thanks to its effective mechanism of action and to the absence of traditional insecticides.
  • Natural repellent effect avoiding new lice infestation.
  • Formulated with natural prebiotic to rebalance the scalp flora.
  • Well tolerated, free of other treatments’ annoying effects, as this product doesn’t irritate the eyes or the scalp.
  • Its composition based on plant ingredients, without chemical insecticides, makes it scalp and environment-friendly.
Arbol de te







Lavandula angustifolia flower water*, Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil (5%)*, acetum, alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, Azadirachta indica seed oil (0.8 %), Quassia amara wood extract.

*Ingredients from organic farming


Recommended for adults and children over 2 years old. 



It is recommended to use a lice comb. The infested person should use shower caps, combs and towels for individual use.

  1. Use the lice comb on the dry hair of all members of the family to detect whether there are living head lice and nits. After using the lice comb, apply the lotion on the head of those who have lice to increase its efficacy and prevent lice from infesting other people.
  2. Cover the shoulders with a towel, shake well the product to mix before use and abundantly apply it 10 cm far from the dry hair, covering the entire surface. Leave on for 15 minutes.
  3. Wash the hair with a cosmetic shampoo and rinse with plenty of water.
  4. Use the lice comb to eliminate the lice. After combing each section, the lice comb must be washed and dried to remove hairs, lice and nits.
  5. It is recommended to check 7 and 14 days later whether there are living head lice and nits, and to repeat steps from 1 to 4.

EXTERNAL USE. Do not intake.


100 ml SPRAY

Lice comb with double stripe pins included.


Lice: increasingly resistant to chemical insecticides

In recent years lice have developed resistance to chemical insecticides, which are often neurotoxic and very irritant to the scalp. A lice killer based on organic and natural ingredients combined with the lice comb, are the key complements to be able to remove head lice and nits.

How to eliminate lice and nits?

Very likely you’ve ever wondered how to effectively remove lice from your hair, but what are head lice? Why do lice and nits adhere to your hair? What is the life cycle of lice? We tell you everything about head lice infestation (pediculosis) affecting the scalp.

Head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis) are blood-feeding parasites in humans.

Head lice and nits have been present since ancient times and are a public health problem worldwide. The majority of people affected by head lice are children between 3 and 13 years of age from all socioeconomic levels.

Head lice are small insects, visible to the naked eye, that live in people’s hair and feed on blood. At the end of their 6 legs they have claws used to adhere to hair. Female lice start laying three to ten eggs (nits) daily and have got a life cycle of about 1 month.

Why does my head itch?

Nits are attached to hair by a cementitious-like substance placed by the female louse and are incubated by the individual’s body warmth. After approximately seven days, a very fragile larva is born, which immediately must ingest blood in order to live. Nine days later, this reaches adulthood. When head lice feed on blood they inject saliva into the scalp giving rise to an irritation characterised by itching and stinging pain.

How do head lice spread?

The most frequent way of transmission is direct, from head to head, although it can occur through: combs, brushes, caps, scarves, headphones, headrests, mattresses, plushes, etc.

What are prebiotics, oligosaccharides and how do they benefit the scalp?

Human skin and its components (hair) provide a variety of microorganisms an environment fit to live in. The skin flora has got a beneficial and protective role, but any disturbance in its structure leads to a variation that can be “exploited” by pathogenic organisms to colonise. Fortunately, prebiotics such as oligosaccharides are “food” for the beneficial flora, as though they were ingredients that positively affect the individual’s skin. Oligosaccharides are beneficial to the scalp because they selectively stimulate the growth of a limited number of organisms which have got the potential to improve skin structure, so they benefit the scalp flora.




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