Ceramic Diffuser Lamp MARNYS

Get a unique atmosphere of light and aromas

Lamp and elegant diffuser that combines ultra-diffusion of aromas with relaxing ambient light.


Aroma Lamp Diffuser MARNYS

MARNYS® LAMP DIFFUSER is designed to create a unique atmosphere, by combining the diffusion of 100% natural essential oils with the ambient light from its decorative ceramic lamp.

Elegant and Natural Design Diffuser Lamp

It combines the latest technology in ultrasonic atomisation diffusion systems through a lamp with different lighting modes. All this with a careful and exquisite design of natural and elegant materials, such as bamboo and ceramic.

Multipurpose Ultradiffuser Lamp

Advanced atomiser diffuser

The MARNYS® Diffuser Lamp allows combining multiple functionalities, both in diffusion and illumination:

Aroma diffusion: it presents two diffusion modes in the form of continuous or intermittent mist. The diffuser makes the water molecules inside the container vibrate, creating an ultra-fine mist that is slowly diluted in the atmosphere of the selected place, thus allowing to keep the optimum fragrance and the desired effect for each room.

Lighting to create different atmospheres.

Fusion mode through its elegant ceramic lampshade, allows several modes of use.

  • Sleep Mode: The mode works as a lamp timer, providing a dim light that automatically switches off after 30 minutes.
  • Breathing Light Mode: The brightness of the light gradually increases and decreases in cycles. A very pleasant and relaxing way of lighting.
  • Independent Night Light Mode. Elegant and pleasant lighting to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. By default, the MARNYS® DIFFUSER LAMP is switched off together with the fog when the "Timer" or "Auto Off" function is activated. However, the lamp can be set to work completely independently of the "Timer" and "Auto Off" functions, if required.

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SKU: AA994
EAN: 8410885091352
Ceramic diffuser with light


SKU: AA994
EAN: 8410885091352


Ceramic diffuser with light


MARNYS® DIFFUSER LAMP Technical Characteristics

  • Atomisation mode: Ultrasonic
  • Water tank capacity: 280ml (10.14 fl. oz.)
  • Power input: DC 24V, 12W
  • Misting Mode: Continuous/Intermittent
  • Product Size: 148*148*125mm (5.8"x5.8"x4.9")
  • Light Mode: Bright / Dim / Breathing / Sleep aid
  • Timer Mode: 1H / 3H / 8H / ON
  • Work Time: up to 12 hours - continuous mode up to 24 hours - intermittent mode
  • Accessories: Adapter / Manual


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