Tired legs? Pamper them on the inside and the outside

Published: 16 July, 2019 - Updated: 30 July, 2020

Tired legs? Pamper them on the inside and the outside

Why do we feel our legs tired and heavy?

Heat and poor blood flow

With seasonal changes it’s normal to feel your legs more tired and aching. High temperatures cause the veins to dilate, producing poor return of blood, what leads to a heavy feeling that increases in the case of poor blood flow in the legs.

Other factors

Apart from these discomforts, there is sometimes a crawling sensation as well. It is normally more frequent in women due to the greater water retention and hormone imbalances occurring during menstruation and pregnancy. However, this can also affect men.

Routine to relieve discomfort

Piernas cansadas

To relieve discomfort and help improve your blood flow, MARNYS® offers a unique combination: MARNYS® Phytalgem CIRC plus MARNYS® Arnica Oil, so that the sensation of tired legs does not affect your daily life:

Care for your legs on the inside: Phytalgem

To feel your legs more rested it is recommended to take 1 vial a day of MARNYS® Phytalgem CIRC, a food supplement in vials with a pleasant forest fruits flavour. It acts from the inside thanks to its active ingredients. It’s produced with high concentrates of buds and plants from organic cultivations like red vine, whose leaves have got the property to facilitate venous circulation and to favour the stabilisation of the collagen in the membranes of blood vessels.

Ginkgo, nettle and butcher’s broom

In addition, it’s essential to mention the action of ginkgo, nettle and butcher's broom, which contribute to microcirculation and facilitate lymphatic and circulatory drainage.

Care for your legs on the outside: Arnica oil

To our leg care routine we add MARNYS® Arnica Oil directly applied on tired legs to promote the activation of the skin microcirculation. It’s ideally used 3 times a day spraying the oil 1 or 2 times directly on the skin and massaging gently.

Arnica and skin repair

Arnica makes it easier to repair the skin and skin that suffered from a hit, chafing or bruises. For example, in spring and summer when we go outdoors more frequently for a walk, hiking or excursions to the beach or the mountains, the combination Phytalgem CIRC plus Arnica Oil will be your best ally for the sensation of tired legs not to be a problem and for your skin to be cared for and repaired if you even suffer from a hit.

Linoleic acid and tocopherol

In addition to the benefits of arnica, MARNYS® Arnica plant oil also provides linoleic acid, squalene and β-sitosterol significantly, efficiently contributing to natural regeneration and skin nutrition as the antioxidant activity of tocopherol and sesame and rosemary oils favour skin care. This plant oil additionally contains lavender, whose characteristic smell is considered to have relaxing properties.

Don't forget to include MARNYS® Phytalgem CIRC and MARNYS® Arnica Oil to your daily routine and let your legs take you this summer wherever you want!

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