La nutricosmética Marnys Beauty In&Out mejora la apariencia de pelo, la piel y las uñas

Show off your hair, skin and nails thanks to the advanced nutricosmetics

Published: 8 July, 2019 - Updated: 30 July, 2020 | 2'

Show off your hair, skin and nails thanks to advanced nutricosmetics

Hair, skin and nails are exposed to many external agents. With seasonal changes, sudden temperature changes and, especially in summer, the exposure to the sun, the chlorine of swimming pools, etc., can damage them or diminish their brightness and healthy appearance. Before the change of seasons, it is, therefore, essential to pamper and pay more attention to these parts of the body. Nutricosmetics (nutritional supplements for cosmetic care) can help us thanks to the natural active ingredients acting from within.

La nutricosmética Marnys Beauty In&Out mejora la apariencia de pelo, la piel y las uñasHow nutricosmetics helps in their growth and development

Collagen is one of the proteins favouring the normal development of skin, hair and nails, as it represents over 25% of the total proteins created by the human body, and is found in various tissues like joints, muscles, tendons and skin where it provides properties like elasticity. Although the human body produces collagen naturally, as the body ages its natural capability to generate collagen is gradually reduced. Compared to adolescence, it is indeed estimated that after the age of 40 50% less collagen is produced.

In the process of natural collagen production, the function of vitamin C is precisely essential, since it adds hydrogen and oxygen to the amino acids that stimulate this production. In fact, when there isn't enough vitamin C in the body, collagen production decreases. However, Beauty In&Out nutricosmetic supplement can help you maintain a good skin appearance because it combines all these ingredients.

Other benefits for your skin, hair and nails are determined by hyaluronic acid, which favours a better hydration, the maintenance of the skin’s barrier and elasticity and more flexible movements as it favours lubrication in the joints for the load and weight of the body.

The function of minerals such as zinc and other constituents such as biotin, niacin and riboflavin additionally contribute to good maintenance and growth of nails and hair.

58 days of beauty with Beauty In & Out

For all these reasons, thanks to the synergy of the active ingredients in Beauty In&Out we propose the "58 Days of Beauty" plan, an advanced nutricosmetics plan to take care of yourself from the inside and to see how the results are reflected on the outside.

Start the 28-day shock plan by taking one drinkable vial of Beauty In&Out Elixir a day, with a high concentration of hydrolysed collagen (5g), hyaluronic acid, grape seeds (OPCs) and vitamins for a youthful appearance of the skin, hair and nails texture. Besides, as its format is a convenient drinkable vial, you can take it anywhere. And it’s got a pleasant forest fruits flavour. Mmmm, yummy!

For 30 more days continue with the maintenance phase by taking 1 capsule of Beauty In&Out a day, which combines marine collagen, vitamins, minerals like zinc and olive, borage and salmon oils—the ally of hair, skin and nails to maintain their healthy appearance.

Why wait longer to discover the benefits of Beauty In&Out state-of-the-art nutricosmetics?