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Detox with a depurative diet

You don’t have to be overweight to start a healthy diet. A detox diet cleans your body from the inside, especially the liver, clearing it of toxins. Spring and autumn are the best months to benefit from the effects of detox diets. Not only do they give the scales a run for their money, with excellent results, they can help your body feel renewed by eliminating toxins. READ MORE

Fight cellulite with a good diet

When we talk about cellulitis, we’re referring to an extra storage of fat in adipose tissue. This storage is accompanied by water retention and inflammation in the affected area. Nobody is born and condemned with cellulitis, no matter whether they are male or female. In fact, both sexes basically have the same amount of adipocytes. To combat the appearance and evolution of cellulitis, daily healthy eating habits and exercise are recommended, as well as avoiding excess fat and toxins. READ MORE

Activate Your Tired Legs

Sedentary work, lack of exercise, excess weight, professions that require long periods stood up, pregnancy and age can be the cause of discomfort due to poor circulation in the legs. This can be because the blood vessels have lost their elasticity due to long-term strain, making it harder for the blood to reach the heart. Discover our specialists’ tips for reducing the effects of tired legs. READ MORE

Relaxation and Rest: Health For Your Mind

Once in a while it is really good to have a rest, especially during a period of intense activity. We all benefit from taking a break, because it helps us regain energy and think about our personal achievements. READ MORE

Rosehip regenerates and rejuvenates

Natural rosehip oil is a product obtained from plant seeds (Rosa off. rubiginosa linee), which grows naturally in the south of Chile. It’s a product with skin regenerating properties, which has not been beaten by any other product until now. The secret is in its composition… READ MORE

Pollen: Pure Natural Energy

Among the many products that bees provide us, pollen is one of the most energising. Bees collect pollen from flowers, make it into little balls and store it in small cells in their hives, especially selected to fulfil that role. This pollen is further fortified with the nectar used to make honey, which improves its properties. Pollen contains proteins (almost all of the essential amino acids) and is the greatest source known of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. READ MORE

Salt Lamps. Color and Energy For Your Well-being

Our physical and mental health are influenced by our environment’s correct ionization. Nowadays, there are more positive ion sources than in the past, creating electrical imbalance. To understand it better, we just have to remember how we feel when we’re at the top of a mountain or in the middle of a pine forest: places where there is a high number of negative ions. That’s why it’s important to try and solve these disorders by ionizing the air. An innovative and effective way to do so is using a salt crystal lamp. READ MORE

Evening Primrose, the women´s plant

EVENING PRIMROSE: THE PLANT FOR WOMEN. A thick, highly valuable oil is extracted when evening primrose is cold-pressed, which is extremely rich in essential fatty acids. Numerous research and studies conducted over the past 20 and 30 years in different countries prove how evening primrose effectively treats premenstrual syndrome and mood swings, without any side effects, reducing irritability, anxiety, etc. But these aren’t its only properties… READ MORE

Eating Well When The Cold Begins

A light diet, based on nutritional and comforting food sources can help improve general malaise and reduce the loss of appetite caused by a period of convalescence due to a change in the seasons, stress, pollution, etc. Our diet should be varied, easy to digest, and rich in ingredients that stimulate immune response. READ MORE