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Food grade essential oils: Aroma and flavour in your food

Food grade essential oils: Aroma and flavour in your food Would you like to bring a special healthy hint in your dishes? Would you like to be surprised by new aromas and flavours? Let us tell you more about food grade essential oils to give a different tasty touch to your dishes. What are food […] READ MORE

Aceites alimentarios

Weight loss: Glucomannan benefits

Is weight loss one of your goals? Hunger is the biggest enemy of those diets to lose weight. How can we revert it? One of the answers is supported by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and is called glucomannan. READ MORE

Iron, essential mineral for our body

Iron is an essential mineral that performs very important functions in the body. Iron allows the formation of haemoglobin, protein in red blood cells, which transports oxygen to the body’s tissues. Furthermore, it improves blood quality and increases resistance to stress and illness, prevents fatigue, and stimulates healthy skin. READ MORE

Wrap up your defences this winter

It’s time to start protecting low temperatures and avoid colds or flu as feared. Bundle up and protect yourself from the cold both inside and out. In Marnys, we totally natural perfect solutions for this time of year, products that will only worry to enjoy at this time. READ MORE

Marnys abriga tus defensas

Energy and memory for children at school

After a summer of relaxing and having fun, it’s hard for children and adults to get back into their routines and responsibilities. Going back to school is a big change for little ones, so it’s no wonder they feel more tired. September means early starts, heavy backpacks and many hours of class throughout the day. Sometimes, even when school has finished, children go to extra-curricular classes, sports clubs, etc. That’s why a suitable diet is very important in ensuring that little ones have strength and energy during the day. READ MORE

Energía y Memoria para los niños en el colegio

Why ionised elements are important

All of the nutrients that humankind needs to be healthy can be found on Earth. There is a perfect balance between these minerals and what our bodies need. However, there are certain circumstances that drain the Earth and minerals are gradually disappearing. If we want to stay healthy, we need a balanced intake of these minerals. READ MORE

La Importancia de los Elementos Ionizados en los seres vivos

Renew your skin after summer

Once the holidays are over, we go back to having a packed diary and our skin is worse for wear because of summer excesses. You should do anything but get swept up by the holiday blues, as it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get back on form. To do so, there’s nothing better than a beauty plan that helps balance your body inside and out, and obtain smoother, more hydrated, firmer skin. READ MORE

Marnys. Renueva tu piel tras el verano

Looking after our skin and hair during summer

During summer, our hair and skin is exposed to many external aggressions: such as sunlight and salt water. They have a harmful effect that we must resolve when we get back to our day-to-day lives. That’s why we need to look after our bodies at this time of year. READ MORE

Marnys. El cuidado de nuestra piel y cabello en verano