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Men’s corner: Products for health and natural cosmetics

Published: 25 April, 2019 - Updated: 30 October, 2020 | 3'

Do you know what men's main health and beauty concerns are? Sex life, hair loss, wrinkles, prostate, cholesterol or cardiovascular risks are some of them.
That's why we propose you to look after your body and mind with natural products that respect our health and the environment like natural food supplements and certified natural cosmetics for men.

Both men and women face multiple tasks and concerns on a daily basis. When we focus on male wellness and health we must relieve stress to feel able to physically and mentally perform. With small lifestyle changes, your overall well-being can improve considerably.

There are 2 cornerstones to improve men’s health:

Ejercicio físico

  • Healthy diet: unhealthy diets and lack of physical activity are some of the major health risk factors. They lead to an imbalance between body needs and nutrient intake. If we try to have an adequate supply of nutrients, we will maintain our weight and body composition. MARNYS® offers a line of products which contribute to supplementing your diet and maintaining an optimal weight.
  • Sport: starting a daily exercise routine can help you control your weight and reduce health risks. Sports Nutrition supplements a healthy diet and aids in terms of recovery, endurance, energy and physical wellness.

Don't know what kind of sport to do? Walking quickly for 30 minutes every day is a great help to start your sports routine. All types of physical activity are beneficial to your health.


Health and beauty in men over their 40s

Maturity in top form

The functions of the heart, muscles, skin and brain are affected as we age because cells lose antioxidant and energy production capacity. Coenzyme Q10 supports the functioning of such organs now and in the future.


Are you worried about your prostate?

Did you know that about 50% of men between their 50s and 60s have prostate growth? MARNYS® Prosvital provides genitourinary well-being (that is, the genital and urinary systems), as this product is aimed at maintaining the size of the prostate and relieving urinary discomfort such as frequency and urgency


Care for your heart

Cuida tu corazón

Forty-five per cent (45%) of men suffer from cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Increased levels of lipids in blood, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc. are some of the risk factors.

Red yeast rice, milk thistle and black pepper are the components in MARNYS® Lipohelp. MARNYS® Lipohelp helps maintain and normalise blood cholesterol levels. Red Yeast Rice is recommended by the European Societies of Cardiology and Atherosclerosis to control lipids in blood (2016 ESC/EAS Guidelines for the Management of Dyslipidaemias).

On the other hand, MARNYS® Krillmar is an excellent source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids providing DHA and EPA, which contribute to normal cardiovascular, brain and vision function. Phosphatidylcholine in MARNYS® Krillmar improves the uptake of Omega 3.


Enjoy intense moments vigorously

Did you know that sexual function can be affected by stress, fatigue and tiredness? Natural energisers increase energy and help delay the onset of fatigue, and optimise muscle strength and power. Besides, it helps preserve the correct metabolic flow of cognitive functions and sexual function


Natural cosmetics for men

Men's cosmetics are no longer a taboo: nowadays men are more concerned about taking care of their appearance, as well as using natural cosmetics which are respectful to the skin and the environment.

MARNYS® natural cosmetics counting on COSMOS certification granted by SOIL ASSOCIATION guarantee:

  • The use of ingredients from organic farming.
  • Environmentally-friendly processes under the concept ‘green chemistry’.
  • No tests on animals, following the Cruelty Free philosophy.


The beauty routine for men has got a great ally in MARNYS® natural cosmetics. Are you looking for a male facial routine and need some ideas? You can use natural products to pamper men's skin and enjoy the following natural care:

Belleza hombre

  • Shaving: a gentle, irritation-free shaving is possible with MARNYS® Vegetable Oils. They are perfect to complement or as an alternative to traditional aftershave lotions to incorporate them into your daily facial routine.
  • Cleansing of the skin, especially those which tend to be oily: to leave the man's skin clean and free of impurities, there’s nothing better than a natural purifier like tea tree oil. Help improve imperfections caused by oily skin with MARNYS® Tea Tree Oil.
  • Beard care: if you like to show off your beard, you very likely know that its care is essential. We propose you to moisturise, detangle and add shine to your beard with MARNYS® Organic Shea Butter, which also leaves no greasy residue.
  • Do you want to know how to use shea butter for your beard? Apply a small amount on the palm of your hand, massage to melt and spread over the beard. Then massage and comb your beard according to your preference.
  • Strengthen your hair: Hair loss is one of men's main concerns, especially after the age of 30. The nutricosmetic product MARNYS® Beauty In&Out Capsules contributes to the firmness and structure of hair, skin and nails, thanks to its content in Vitamins and Minerals, as well as the synergy of Marine Collagen and the amino acids methionine and cystine (precursors of keratin).

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