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Citronella: the natural repellent against mosquitoes

With high temperatures come the annoying mosquitoes, which are willing to bite the whole family. However, there are plants in nature that repel mosquitoes like citronella, capable of repelling them without resorting to insecticides or chemical repellents. Find out why citronella is a natural mosquito repellent and how to use it. READ MORE

Jojoba Oil. Vegetable liquid gold

Because of its colour it’s also called liquid gold. In its complex composition there is 96% ceramide, substances that cover the cells of the epidermis, regulating its hydration, and vitamin E that removes from the skin free radicals, responsible for early ageing. Find out more about Jojoba Oil. READ MORE

Why ionised elements are important

All of the nutrients that humankind needs to be healthy can be found on Earth. There is a perfect balance between these minerals and what our bodies need. However, there are certain circumstances that drain the Earth and minerals are gradually disappearing. If we want to stay healthy, we need a balanced intake of these minerals. READ MORE

La Importancia de los Elementos Ionizados en los seres vivos

Rosehip regenerates and rejuvenates

Natural rosehip oil is a product obtained from plant seeds (Rosa off. rubiginosa linee), which grows naturally in the south of Chile. It’s a product with skin regenerating properties, which has not been beaten by any other product until now. The secret is in its composition… READ MORE

Pollen: Pure Natural Energy

Among the many products that bees provide us, pollen is one of the most energising. Bees collect pollen from flowers, make it into little balls and store it in small cells in their hives, especially selected to fulfil that role. This pollen is further fortified with the nectar used to make honey, which improves its properties. Pollen contains proteins (almost all of the essential amino acids) and is the greatest source known of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. READ MORE

Salt Lamps. Color and Energy For Your Well-being

Our physical and mental health are influenced by our environment’s correct ionization. Nowadays, there are more positive ion sources than in the past, creating electrical imbalance. To understand it better, we just have to remember how we feel when we’re at the top of a mountain or in the middle of a pine forest: places where there is a high number of negative ions. That’s why it’s important to try and solve these disorders by ionizing the air. An innovative and effective way to do so is using a salt crystal lamp. READ MORE

Evening Primrose, the women´s plant

EVENING PRIMROSE: THE PLANT FOR WOMEN. A thick, highly valuable oil is extracted when evening primrose is cold-pressed, which is extremely rich in essential fatty acids. Numerous research and studies conducted over the past 20 and 30 years in different countries prove how evening primrose effectively treats premenstrual syndrome and mood swings, without any side effects, reducing irritability, anxiety, etc. But these aren’t its only properties… READ MORE

Royal jelly, the wonder juice

Royal jelly is a liquid produced from a blend of worker bee secretions. It’s the only food source that the queen bee eats throughout her lifetime.

It’s a valuable source of the vitamin B complex and provides many trace elements and substances with hormonal capacity. It contains unsaturated fatty acids and flavonoids, powerful antimicrobials that stop the product from decomposing. READ MORE