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Energy and memory for children at school

After a summer of relaxing and having fun, it’s hard for children and adults to get back into their routines and responsibilities. Going back to school is a big change for little ones, so it’s no wonder they feel more tired. September means early starts, heavy backpacks and many hours of class throughout the day. Sometimes, even when school has finished, children go to extra-curricular classes, sports clubs, etc. That’s why a suitable diet is very important in ensuring that little ones have strength and energy during the day. READ MORE

Energía y Memoria para los niños en el colegio

Shiitake, Reishi and Maitake: mushrooms for health

The stress from our lifestyles, poor eating habits, and not to mention seasonal changes, all contribute to the appearance of problems derived from a weakened immune system. Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean medicine use mushroom varieties selected for their health benefits, especially their positive effect on the immune system and because they are available on the market as food supplements. The most noteworthy are Shiitake, Reishi and Maitake. READ MORE

Marnys. Hongos para la Salud

Remedies for aerophagia

Eating in excess, too quickly, stress eating or eating too many fatty foods can cause indigestion and constipation. Most disorders could be resolved by adopting certain preventative measures. READ MORE

MARNYS - Equilibrio digestivo

The art of walking and its benefits

The art of walking lies in feeling that we can dedicate time to ourselves and being stress-free. We can feel our body at every step of the way, and as we progress, we feel more agile, step by step, and realise that our muscles are releasing tension… This process helps us achieve stability and wellbeing day by day. READ MORE

Marnys. Los beneficios de caminar, todo un Arte

Tea tree essential oil properties and uses

Tea trees (Melaleuca alternifolia) naturally grow in Australia.
Tea tree oil has multiple uses, making it one of the most versatile oils. It can be used externally for hair and skin care, in aromatherapy, to clean the home and even care for our pets. READ MORE

Marnys. Propiedades y usos del Árbol de Té en aceite esencial

Breakfast: the best way to start the morning

As its name suggests, breakfast is the time that we break our fast from the night before. That’s why it’s the fuel that ensures we start the day off well. People who don’t eat breakfast have higher cholesterol levels than people who regularly do, even if they follow a low-fat diet. It can also help control weight, because when you eat earlier in the morning, you have longer to lose weight and fat than if you eat later. READ MORE

El desayuno, la mejor forma de empezar el día

Essential fatty acids: the good fats

For most people “fat” has a negative connotation. But not all fats are bad. Among those that are popularly called “good” are “essential fatty acids”. They continue being healthy if we eat the correct type, in suitable amounts and proportions, and prepare them in the correct way. READ MORE

Beat spring fever

Spring fatigue is a seasonal disorder affected by the clocks changing and a temperature increase. Our biological clocks have to adapt to the new climate and that takes up energy. Spring fever, which is believed to be temporary, requires us to adapt to new light and temperature conditions, foreseen by the arrival of good weather, which takes us through to summer. READ MORE

Astenia primaveral. Cómo combatirla