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Shaving with Natural Plant-Based oils

Using natural, plant-based oils is recommended if you suffer when shaving or your skin becomes irritated, you have really dry skin, cut yourself regularly or have a thick beard. Plant-based oils are a natural lubricant that make it easier to shave and also leave skin feeling smooth and soft. READ MORE

Argan Oil. Liquid gold for your hair and skin

Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-aging qualities, Argan oil is recommended to nourish and regenerate skin, repair dry, chapped hands, strengthens brittle nails, and provide intense nourishment for dry hair and skin. READ MORE

Renew your skin after summer

Once the holidays are over, we go back to having a packed diary and our skin is worse for wear because of summer excesses. You should do anything but get swept up by the holiday blues, as it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get back on form. To do so, there’s nothing better than a beauty plan that helps balance your body inside and out, and obtain smoother, more hydrated, firmer skin. READ MORE

Marnys. Renueva tu piel tras el verano

Looking after our skin and hair during summer

During summer, our hair and skin is exposed to many external aggressions: such as sunlight and salt water. They have a harmful effect that we must resolve when we get back to our day-to-day lives. That’s why we need to look after our bodies at this time of year. READ MORE

Marnys. El cuidado de nuestra piel y cabello en verano

Tea tree essential oil properties and uses

Tea trees (Melaleuca alternifolia) naturally grow in Australia.
Tea tree oil has multiple uses, making it one of the most versatile oils. It can be used externally for hair and skin care, in aromatherapy, to clean the home and even care for our pets. READ MORE

Marnys. Propiedades y usos del Árbol de Té en aceite esencial

The 50´s, the new 40´s

Is 50 the new 40? Professionals from different fields have asked themselves this question, and they seem to have a straight-forward answer: Yes! Reaching a certain age with a positive outlook has become a maxim for a large percentage of women, who are far from feeling invisible as the years pass by or influenced by social prejudices or because of uncomfortable menopause symptoms. They’re ready to opens doors to a new stage full of activity and new challenges. READ MORE

Protect your skin from the cold

With the cold on its way, you need to start taking special care of your skin. Skin is the body’s largest organ and it protects us from external aggressions and internal water evaporation. It protects your body from harmful substances and micro-organisms that could enter in the body’s internal medium. READ MORE

Rosehip regenerates and rejuvenates

Natural rosehip oil is a product obtained from plant seeds (Rosa off. rubiginosa linee), which grows naturally in the south of Chile. It’s a product with skin regenerating properties, which has not been beaten by any other product until now. The secret is in its composition… READ MORE