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Getting rid of the extra pounds is possible

Published: 15 June, 2015 - Updated: 30 July, 2020 | 2'

A healthy diet and physical activity improve your quality of life throughout the year.

The excesses accumulated during the summer or the winter including holiday meals as well as our taste for food and lack of control take their toll. Standing on the scale can make us realise that we have gained several kilos and this is an unavoidable problem which can get worse if we do not take regular exercise and proper dietary habits in order to keep an ideal weight.

Therefore, if you are still dealing with those extra pounds, Nutrition and Dietetics specialists provide us with the key to get and keep a healthy weight throughout the year, as if we do not take action on this matter now, it will be more and more difficult for us to lose the unwanted extra weight.

Specialists recommend to eat five meals a day, it is not about saying ‘no’ to traditional meals, but learning how to combine them, reducing slightly the amounts and trying to spend more energy than we usually do in the different periods of the year. Consumed and burnt calories are this way balanced.


Nutrition and Dietetics specialists’ key factors

  • It is useless to have a poor diet, your body will suffer and will not work properly. It is very important for you not to skip any meals.
  • Forget carbonated drinks (with gas) and alcohol for some time and drink one litre and a half or two litres of water a day. You will see immediate results, it is worth it.
  • Take 2 or 3 spoonfuls of olive oil a day when cooking your lunch and dinner, use some lemon or vinegar and spices on your salads. Feel free to take greens and vegetables.
  • Take exercise for about 30 minutes a day (walking, running, swimming,...), as it helps us to feel fit, burn some calories and imporve our mood. Do not forget that we are animals designed for movement and a sedentary lifestyle leads us to obesity and depression.
  • Take infusions such as Pennyroyal mint, chamomile tea, linden... It is interesting, since they can provide us with a satiating effect and make us take more water. You should not add any sugar or take any laxative infusions before medical advice.
  • Reduce salt intake, since its high sodium content will lead to a higher liquid retention, making you gain more weight and be swollen. A simple way to be successful on this point would be to take the salt-cellar away from your table to avoid the temptation.
  • Get rid of fats. If eating meat, choose lean cuts. Fried foods and desserts cooked with lard, margarine or butter are not recommended. Fruit and walnuts, which are also typical in this season, are easier to digest and supply essential nutrients.
  • Eat a balanced diet. The intake of greens, fruit and vegetables should be higher than that of carbohydrates. Salads are perfect as garnish for elaborate or heavy meals.
    Remember: food restriction is not enough. Regular aerobic exercise helps burn calories and increase your stamina and cardiovascular fitness as well as lowering ‘bad’ chlesterol and triglyceride levels. 30 minutes of exercise a day, five days a week would be a good start.