The 50´s, the new 40´s

15 June, 2015

A study developed by Complutense University of Madrid shows that Spanish middle-aged women feel more active, young and self-confident than a decade ago.

Are the 50´s the new 40´s? This question, asked by professional people on several matters, seems to have currently a clear answer: a resounding 'yes'. To reach maturity in a positive way has become an utmost for a big percentage of Spanish feminine population who, far from feeling invisible over time and being carried away by social conditions or the symptoms of uncomfortable menopause, open up the doors to a new life stage full of activity and new challenges.

This way, a recent study carried out by the Complutense University of Madrid, whose title is Different when you are in your 50. Are the 50´s the new 40´s for today's women? States that 96% of Spanish women in this age group feel more loved and active; 91% happy and devoted to their job or tasks, 74% self-reliant and over 70% young, beautiful and attractive. This supports the idea that the fact of being in your 50s is, for current women, not only have birthdays, but also gain experience and new life stages.

The study coordinator, the Professor of Psychology Rosario Martínez Arias, makes a clear difference between the current middle-aged woman and that of some decades ago: Currently, women over 50 look nothing like the ones in the past, although the truth is that there are still certain stereotypes, products of other times, which do not match with today´s reality.

Thus, according to Martínez Arias, the basic factors playing a role on this change have been possible because of an improvement of women's cultural level over time, their full incorporation into work life that lets them have a purchasing power and this way they can consider their lives as more secure.

Apparently, feeling safe and have a positive attitude in life is the key for women to feel good about themselves when they are over 50. Actually, half of Spanish women feel that they have reached maturity in a better way than they expected when they were young, they feel more satisfied as for their economic stability (51%), which make them feel younger and healthier (44%).

Therefore, most women aged 50-65 consider themselves as fighter, optimistic and face their lives positively.
In addition to this, middle-aged women's concerns are basic: they worry about self-care, health, economic independence and not to become a burden to their children in the future.

Which are the factors affecting this change?

The Media have been so important, as they help women of all ages to be updated on any subject; their cultural level has also improved slowly but remarkably. Besides, their full incorporation into life work has been essential for women to consider their lives differently than in the past.

What is current women's approach towards menopause?

Luckily, there has been an essential change in this sense. Menopause is not considered as a disease any more, but as a life stage that can be faced quite good with the proper palliative care without including many important changes in daily life.

Natural care for MATURE WOMEN

Flower remedies help improve our mood. Some of them are organic-certified and are formulated for the different mood states.
Another natural remedy to fight against the feared effects of menopause is the intake of soy isoflavone and Evening Primrose oil softgels.
Sight protection is essential. Include in your diet at least a food supplement containing bilberry, lutein, zeaxanthin and specific vitamins to improve the health of your eyes.

Rose Hip Oil, a valuable asset for mature skin

Natural benefits of Rose Hip Oil are well-known. Either through a 100% pure oil or a perfume formulation with natural essential oils. Amongst many other benefits, we can mention the following:

  • To moisturize and correct dryness and scaling of skin.
  • To help slow down and reduce age-related wrinkles.
  • To alleviate the expression lines.
  • To prevent and reduce stretch marks.
  • To promote timely healing of surgical wounds.
  • To prevent and help heal sunburns.
  • To help reduce acne-related scars.
  • To help reduce skin dark spots and hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure and ageing.