Rules for a good physical workout

15 June, 2015

Promoting healthy habits is the best measure to live with hope and to improve life quality of the population in general. Despite not knowing about the possible consequences of not exerciesing, we can be certain that exercising can improve the life quality, shape and well-being of the population. Recent studies carried out over the last 30 years have shown that improving our shape can reduce mortality as far as cardiovascular diseases are concerned.


  • Wash yourserlf everyday with lukewarm water and avoid cold water
  • Have breakfast at least 1 hour before your workout session and 2 hours before lunch. It is advisable to take an hour nap.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, preferably a sweats and a t shirt or shorts. Trainers must be light and resistant to avoid mechanical injuries (spraints and fractures...)
  • Do paused and relaxed moves and rest when you finish.
  • Avoid walking within the first 3 hours after lunch. March for 30 minutes on flat ground.
  • In high temperatures:
    • Drink more water.
    • Use enough spf to protect your skin. Also, protect your eyes and head especially outdoors.
  • In low temperatures:
    • Dry up well and cover up to avoid catching colds after your effort or sweating hard.
    • If low temperatures come with wind make sure to rehydrate fully.