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Pollen: Pure Natural Energy

Published: 15 June, 2015 - Updated: 30 July, 2020 | 2'

Among the many products provided by bees, pollen is one of the most complete and energizing ones. Bees extract pollen from flowers, forming small balls and store them in the cells surrounding the brood. Pollen is reinforced with the nectar they use to make honey, which increases its nutritive properties and health benefits. Pollen contains proteins (nearly all essential amino acids) and it is considered the greatest source of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.

Pollen is a dust produced by the male organs in plants, in charge of fertilizing the female organs. Bees pick the pollen from flowers with their legs, mix it with the nectar to form a ball they carry back to the hive to feed the bees. From going from one flower to another they contribute to the pollinization of many species.

Bee pollen is a natural health source. Pollen contains a wide range of indispensible elements to live; elements which could not be obtained artificially, even with the most sophisticated methods. Its richness makes it the perfect supplement to keep us healthy.


Thanks to its high percentage of carbohydrates, bee pollen is the ideal supplement in periods of low energy. It contains 20% of proteins (inidspensible for the body's good functioning) and a great number of minerals which contribute to the good functioning of cells, muscles and the skeleton. Its content of vitamin A makes it the ideal suplement for growth and vitamin E balances the nervous system.

Over the centuries, Empirical medicine has known of many virtues attributed to pollen; same as farmers, who have a deep knowledge about life in the hive. It is bees first food and here is why it is widely known as "bee bread".

The main idea was to make pollen an element of interest in diet development. It has been thoroughly analysed and studied for years; Doctor Loureaux, Lenormand and Laurizio have researched and known about its most generic characteristics by studies carried out in animals and humans. it has been proved that it is absolutely innocuous and that it boosts growth: an action so relevant with regards to reproduction and the effective existence of active antibiotic substances.

Its nutritive, energetic and metabolic virtues are made evident in the following results:

  • Hemoglobin increase in blood during anemia, specially in infants.
  • A quick weight recovery in very thin people.
  • Increases vitality in general


Not everybody is supposed to like the taste of bee pollen, but that is why there exist a lot of alternatives to enjoy it.

Some people chew pollen until it completely dissolves in the mouth; others gulp it down on a sip of water. But if none of these methods work to have a spoonfull of pollen, it can be stirred in orange juice or milk by adding some honey; this is an easy way to do it.

And for those of you who prefer to chew it you can mix it in yogurt, honey or jam.

There are also pollen-based products which make it easier to consume it on a regular basis.