CLA for losing weight and tonifying muscles

Published: 15 June, 2015 - Updated: 7 September, 2020 | 2'

Beneficial Properties of CLA

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a very important essential fatty acid present in vegetable oils (corn oil, soy oil, sunflowers seed oil, etc). It is found also in milk and meat of  ruminants.

Numerous studies suggest that this fatty acid helps reduce weight, is highly antioxidant, counters atherosclerosis, improves immunity and bone mineralization and modulates glucose levels.

Effects on body weight.

CLA help eat less, manage diet better and does not hinder other substances being absorbed. A recent study carried out on 180 overweight volunteers and published in the magazine  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition proves those effects. Conjugated linoleic acid seems to favour fat reduction while increasing muscle mass. This could be observed in various studies in which the percentage of fat mass was measured.

CLA acts in two different, interesting, ways. On the one hand it inhibits fat accumulation, specially in the abdomen (It reduces lipogenesis). On the other hand it increases energy expenditure by stimulating fat burning (It increases lipolisis).

Most of its biological effects are related to the fact that CLA improves energy metabolism and reduces appetite, which undoubtedly contributes to diminishing the previously mentioned problems. This way, we cut down on the amount of food ingested  as we feel satiated, facilitating weight loss and thus reducing obesity, with positive effects on cardiovascular risk: the development of atherosclerosis is slowed down, among other effects.

These effects are strengthend if, apart from taking CLA, we control our diet a little and do some physical exercise. If you want to lose weight, we recommend you to follow a balanced diet, with a calorie intake adapted to your constitution and level of activity, exercise regularly and take approximately 3000 mg. CLA daily.


Some bodily changes induced by aging are unavoidable, but others can be controlled. Lessening or attenuating the effects of aging in our body depends on the attention we pay to that. Thanks to its molecular structure, CLA, can work as an antioxidant, in a very similar way to that of vitamins A and E. For this reason, this fatty acid can help prevent aging as well as eliminate free radicals.

Immune stimulator and beneficial for heart

CLA has positive effects on the immune system. Taken daily, CLA makes it possible to enhance our body defences. According to some studies carried out on animals, an activity increase of B lymphocites, in charge of producing antibodies, was absorbed when the animals’ diet was supplemented with CLA.

Conjugated linoleic acid  influences cholesterol level. Evidence shows that an additional CLA intake contributes to reducing cholesterol levels (LDL and HDL) as well as that of triglycerides. For this reason, supplementing our diet with CLA can help prevent heart disease.

Nevertheless, CLA is found in very small amounts in nearly all types of meat and in bigger quantity in milk and cheese. In order to obtain the amount of CLA that may show beneficial effects, we must resort to supplementation. CLA-rich foods contain 7 mg CLA per gram of fat, while the recommended dose is 1500 to 3000 mg a day.


MARNYS®Forline CLA. Better liquid!

supplies 1500 mg CLA 80% in each 10 ml dose and 3000 mg in each 20 ml dose. It also contains:

  • MARINE COLLAGEN, the most important biochemical structural compound in the human body.
  • L-CARNITINE, a substance that stimu-lates fat burning in cells.
  • FRUCTOOLIGOSACCHARIDES, with pre-biotic effect. They improve intestinal transit and regulate fat absorption.

Presented in liquid form, this innovative formula, allows a greater bioavailability of all its constituents. That is why FORLINE CLA is presented in liquid form.