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Citronella: the natural repellent against mosquitoes

With high temperatures come the annoying mosquitoes, which are willing to bite the whole family. However, there are plants in nature that repel mosquitoes like citronella, capable of repelling them without resorting to insecticides or chemical repellents. Find out why citronella is a natural mosquito repellent and how to use it. READ MORE

Jojoba Oil. Vegetable liquid gold

Because of its colour it’s also called liquid gold. In its complex composition there is 96% ceramide, substances that cover the cells of the epidermis, regulating its hydration, and vitamin E that removes from the skin free radicals, responsible for early ageing. Find out more about Jojoba Oil. READ MORE

MARNYS gifts for Mother’s Day

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? We have a special, personalised and natural quality gift that will make her feel special, young and beautiful on the inside and the outside.

Men’s corner: Products for health and natural cosmetics

Men’s corner: Products for health and natural cosmetics Do you know what men’s main health and beauty concerns are? Sex life, hair loss, wrinkles, prostate, cholesterol or cardiovascular risks are some of them. That’s why we propose you to look after your body and mind with natural products that respect our health and the environment […] READ MORE

Shaving with Natural Plant-Based oils

Using natural, plant-based oils is recommended if you suffer when shaving or your skin becomes irritated, you have really dry skin, cut yourself regularly or have a thick beard. Plant-based oils are a natural lubricant that make it easier to shave and also leave skin feeling smooth and soft. READ MORE

Black cumin: The Oil of the Pharaohs

Black cumin: The Oil of the Pharaohs Black cumin, Nigella Sativa, is a plant native to ancient Egypt with several historical references and applications in traditional medicine. Black cumin is known as the oil of the Pharaohs as black cumin seeds supposedly appeared in the tomb of Tutankhamun so that its properties would accompany him […] READ MORE

Argan Oil. Liquid gold for your hair and skin

Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-aging qualities, Argan oil is recommended to nourish and regenerate skin, repair dry, chapped hands, strengthens brittle nails, and provide intense nourishment for dry hair and skin. READ MORE