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MARNYS Natural Quality. Production Video

Martínez Nieto S.A. is one of the largest producers of nutritional supplements, vitamins, cosmetic and essential oils, and cosmeceuticals in the European Union. The factory is registered and exports to more than 60 countries all around the globe, being present in the most demanding markets. Its international presence is the result of a motivated team, high quality products and competitive prices.

The beginning of Martínez Nieto, S.A. dates back to August 1968 when it was established as a honey and bee pollen packaging plant. Today, over 50 years later, is one of the three major manufacturers of royal jelly and propolis based care products in the world, as well as the largest manufacturer of drinkable vials in Europe.

Quality is fundamental for Martínez Nieto, S.A. and for this purpose the company carries out highly controlled and thorough research, development and production processes clearly aimed at achieving excellence in the final product. More than 6,000 individual analysis, raw materials, materials and finished products can be performed in one month.