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Perfect for men and women with active lifestyles and who undertake intense physical exercise. Tribulus, L-arginine, L-ornithine, L-lysine and Creatine


MARNYS® Tribulmar has been developed so that its ingredients promote performance during physical exercise.

MARNYS® Tribulmar and its formulation in vegetable capsules contain powdered extract of Tribulus terretris fruit, its bioactive constituents guarantee a minimum saponin and protodioscin content of 40% and 20%, respectively, and a unique set of amino acids: L-arginine, L-lysine, L-ornithine and Creatine.

MARNYS® Tribulmar and its unique combination of ingredients provide the following properties:

  • Tribulus promotes physical condition for muscle endurance and power, as well as a normal sexual function (EFSA ON HOLD 2831). Tribulus (Tribulus terretris) contains saponins (protodioscin), glycosides, flavonoids (kaempferol), alkaloids and tannins. In traditional herbology it is used as a tonic for physical well-being. 
  • Creatine is an organic nitrogenous acid found in greater proportion in muscles and nerve cells of the body. It is produced naturally in the liver, pancreas and kidneys from amino acids such as arginine, glycine and methionine, and is obtained from the dietary intake of meat and fish. Creatine increases physical performance during short-term, high intensity bouts* (EFSA).
  • L-arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid, which is converted into an essential amino acid under special conditions, and is involved in several metabolic functions. L-arginine is a biological precursor for the production of NO (nitric oxide), which is a constituent involved in the muscle contraction processes in the body. The dietary sources of the amino acid Arginine are: tuna, sardines, beef (liver), eggs, peas, lentils, almonds, nuts, kiwi, watermelon, spinach, or chard, among others.
  • L-lysine is an essential amino acid that participates and regulates the production of proteins with different biochemical properties. Its main dietary sources are: milk, soya bean, lentils, peas, meat, egg yolk, etc.
  • L-ornithine is a free amino acid, non-essential and non-protein, and is stored mainly in the liver, kidneys and muscles. In the liver, L-ornithine plays a central role in the urea cycle, which enables removing excess nitrogen. Moreover, L-ornithine participates in the production of the amino acid Arginine and as a precursor of other molecules like the growth hormone. The dietary sources are of animal origin: meat, fish, corbicula (a genus of Clam), eggs and dairy products; and those of vegetable origin: legumes and sprouts.

*The beneficial effect is obtained by taking 3g of creatine on a daily basis.

MARNYS® Tribulmar is ideal for people who work out at competition level or with an intense exercise programme, and for those who want to help their muscles due to other demanding situations.

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Take 1 capsule a day, preferably before meals and with a glass of water.


Tribulus fruit (Tribulus terrestris) powdered extract, L-arginine, L-ornithine hydrochloride, L-lysine monohydrochloride, creatine monohydrate, magnesium stearate and microcrystalline cellulose.

Vegetable capsule shell composition: hypromellose, colour (red iron oxide).

Tribulus*250 mg
L-Arginin50 mg
L-Lysine50 mg
Creatine50 mg
L-Ornithine50 mg
*Concentrated powder valued at 40% saponins and 20% protodioscine.


EAN: 8410885081810

· Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced nutrition.
· It is recommended to keep a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
· Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
· Keep away from children.
· Do not store at a temperatures above 30ºC.


60 vegetable capsules


Muscle Development

During the development of physical exercise, countless biological processes take place and whose purpose is to counteract the wear and tear of muscle tissue in energy production.

People who often do sport use ergogenics (they help normalise the functions of the body system), periods of exercise, to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. Endurance exercise is known to be a strong stimulus to change hormone secretion, blood pressure and heart rate. Endurance exercise stimulates the release of various anabolic and catabolic hormones. The hormonal response to endurance exercise reshapes tissue, leads to growth, enhances gains in muscle strength, and leads to repair processes.


2 reviews for Tribulmar

  1. Bruno Muñoz

    After almost three months of using this product I can say that it works. I have used it together with Zinc, I have exercised and followed a good diet; I can say that it works perfectly. Be assured that I will buy again, they are not the cheapest but they are quality products.

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  2. JA Sarabia

    I've been taking it for a while now. The mixture of tribulus, creatine and amino acids makes you notice it immediately. I especially take it in the morning, first thing in the morning, when I've had little sleep and it allows you to maintain your daily activity perfectly. Very good natural energiser.

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