Spanish Sage Essential Oil

Intense scent for tasty dishes

Spanish Sage Essential Oil (Salvia lavandulifolia) is extracted by steam distilling the flowers and stems.


MARNYS® Spanish Sage Essential Oil is 100% pure and chemotyped, that is, it has got a defined composition and is 100% of natural origin. Spanish Sage has been obtained by steam distillation and has not been denatured or mixed with other oils, what ensures the properties of the essential oil.

MARNYS® Spanish Sage Essential Oil contains the following chemotypes: camphor, 1,8-cineole, α-pinene. Its colour and appearance is transparent, from colourless to pale yellow, and it's got a characteristic aromatic and camphorated flavour, properties that favour food taste.


MARNYS® Spanish Sage Essential Oil is a food-grade oil and is usually used to flavour many elaborated dishes like roasts or fish. It can also be used to flavour oils or butter.

A tasty recipe full of aroma and penetrating flavour is Chicken Meatballs with cherry tomato sauce, capers and Spanish Sage, whose ingredients are:  garlic clove, salt, black pepper, Spanish Sage and grated tomato to season chicken. For the preparation, use minced chicken meat, cherry tomatoes, capers, cayenne pepper, red onion, garlic, dry white wine, brown sugar, Spanish Sage, ground black pepper, salt, olive oil and water.

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Always dilute 1-2 drops in 250g of food (juice, tea, salad, etc.). Maximum 3 times a day.


Spanish Sage essential oil (Salvia lavandulifolia).


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Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Store in a cool, dry place, away from light. Keep out of the reach of children.

· Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced nutrition.
· It is recommended to keep a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
· Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
· Keep away from children.
· Do not store at a temperatures above 30ºC.


15ml bottle


The genus Salvia is one of the most widespread members of the family Lamiaceae. Its name derives from the Latin word salvus, meaning health, or salveo, which alludes to the healthy virtues of plants belonging to this genus. About 1,000 species of Sage are distributed from North and South America, through Europe to Asia.

Spanish Sage (Salvia lavandulifolia) is native to the Iberian Peninsula and is found in the western Mediterranean area at altitudes ranging from 300 to over 1000m above sea level. This plant prefers slightly deep, alkaline (basic) soils. Spanish Sage is a small evergreen shrub with woody roots, its leaves grow in clusters opposite the stem and when rubbed, the oils give off a fragrance similar to that of rosemary. The flowers are blue, pink or lilac and grow in short inflorescences (spikes). Spanish Sage is an attractive crop for the phytocosmetic, phytotherapeutic and aromatherapeutic industries.

2 reviews for Spanish Sage Essential Oil

  1. Carme Forteza

    For me, it is already a must. I use it daily in a diffuser, it is magnificent with a drop of geranium. I also use it in relaxing baths and in infusions I also add a drop.

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  2. Caridad

    Sage has magnificent properties, so it is interesting to buy an all-natural product like this one. The smell is intense and lasts a long time. I am very happy with it. The dropper is very practical, and it's the best value for money I've ever had! I recommend it 100%.

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