Melatovit Liposomal

Highly absorbed liposomal melatonin

Sleep induction and restorative rest. With liposomal melatonin for greater bioavailability.


Melatovit Liposomal information, 30 ml

MELATOVIT LIPOSOMAL contains Pure Liposomal Melatonin in 1 mg per 0.5 ml.

Melatonin helps to reduce the time taken to induce sleep, improving the quality of rest in adults.

Liposomal technology ensures greater availability and use of the active ingredient in the body.

Properties of Melatovit Liposomal ingredients

MELATOVIT LIPOSOMAL contains pure liposomal melatonin.


Melatonin helps to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and to relieve the feeling of jet lag (EFSA).

Who is Melatovit Liposomal recommended for?

MELATOVIT LIPOSOMAL is a supplement for adults who, due to their daily or special activities, want to relieve the feeling of jet lag, or those who have difficulty getting into the sleep cycle, promoting a lethargy-free awakening.

Liposomal liquid Melatonin

Melatovit Liposomal provides 1 mg of pure melatonin per 0.5 ml and is presented in liposome liquid format.

Liposome technology achieves greater availability and utilization of the active ingredient in our body.

Benefits of Melatovit Liposomal

✓ It is suitable for vegans.

✓ Convenient and practical liquid pipette format.

Orange flavour.





Alivio Jet-Lag


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1 daily intake of 1 mg (0.5 ml*) to reduce the time needed to fall asleep before bedtime. Can be taken directly. 

*The dropper is labeled with the 0.5 ml size. 


Water, fructose, vegetable glycerine, emulsifiers (polysorbate 20 and sunflower lecithin phosphatidylcholine), flavouring (orange flavouring), melatonin, acidity regulator (citric acid), preservative (potassium sorbate), thickener (xanthan gum) and sweetener (sucralose).

Melatonin1 mg


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Shake before use.

· Food supplements should not be used as a substitiute for a balanced nutrition.
· It is recommended to keep a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
· Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
· Keep away from children.
· Do not store at a temperatures above 30ºC.


30 ml with dosing pipette


Is Melatovit Liposomal suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Consult your doctor or health care practitioner regarding the intake of Melatovit Liposomal for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Is Melatovit Liposomal suitable for babies, children and adolescents?

Melatovit Liposomal is suitable for use in adults. Consult your doctor or health care practitioner about taking Melatovit Liposomal for infants, children and adolescents.

Is Melatovit Liposomal suitable for vegans?

Yes, Melatovit Liposomal is suitable for vegans.

Is Melatovit Liposomal suitable for people intolerant or sensitive to gluten?

Yes, Melatovit Liposomal is suitable for people who are sensitive or intolerant to gluten.

How many drops of Melatovit Liposomal should I take?

The instructions for use of Melatovit Liposomal indicate taking 1 mg (0.5 ml, printed on the dropper) shortly before going to bed. You can take it directly. 0.5 ml of this product is equivalent to approximately 13 drops.

Can I take Melatovit Liposomal together with Relahelp? How do I use Melatovit Liposomal and Relahelp?

Yes, Melatovit Liposomal and Relahelp can be taken together. The recommended method of use is 1 mg of Melatovit Liposomal and 2 capsules of Relahelp, preferably before going to bed. If in doubt, consult your doctor or health care practitioner.

Can I take Melatovit Liposomal together with other food supplements, vitamins or minerals?

Yes, Melatovit Liposomal can be taken at the same time as another food supplement. If in doubt, please consult your doctor or health care practitioner.

How do I take Melatovit Liposomal, liposomal melatonin, if I have Jet-Lag?

To relieve the Jet-Lag sensation, it is suggested to take 1 mg of Melatovit Liposomal before going to sleep, both on arrival at the destination and after returning to the place of origin.

For how long can I take Melatovit Liposomal?

Melatovit Liposomal can be taken continuously. If in doubt, consult your doctor or health care professional.


What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is the difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep. This has a negative impact on daytime performance and is treated with cognitive-behavioural therapy, with or without sleep sedatives.

What is melatonin?

Melatonin is a neurohormone synthesised in the body and produced by our brain that is released only during the hours of darkness of the day-night cycle. This hormone is not stored, but released once produced, and is involved in the process of sleep induction and internal synchronisation of the circadian rhythm. Its control is carried out by the amount of light that reaches our retina in the eye.

Melatonin production is affected by factors such as age (more abundant in children), season (in summer melatonin secretion is earlier and in winter it is delayed), menstrual cycle, stress or exercise, daily sun exposure time, some drugs such as benzodiazepines or beta-blockers (a type of antihypertensive drug), and even some pathologies (in cirrhosis of the liver, melatonin production is reduced).

What are the benefits of melatonin?

Today there is growing interest in the use of this hormone in circadian rhythm disorders such as jet lag syndrome (long flights), changes in work hours (night/day shift work) and sleep disorders in the elderly.

It has been shown that melatonin intake helps people get to sleep, as well as helping them to stay asleep during the hours they are at rest, and also helps them to wake up without lethargy so that it does not affect their daily activities.

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    I have tried this product and I love it. It tastes great, the effect appears to be even faster than in capsules and the dispensing method is very convenient.

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  2. JA Sarabia

    I am delighted that they have incorporated liposomal technology into melatonin in this new product. I have been using melatovit tablets for a long time and just today I bought this new format. I find it very convenient that it can be taken directly in liquid form with the dropper. When I should try it for a few days I will give my opinion. Congratulations.

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