Artohelp Sports Massage

Body massage of muscles, joints and ligaments

The effective massage solution for muscles, joints and ligaments


Artohelp 50 ml
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Information on MARNYS Artohelp Sports Massage

ARTOhelp is a sports massage product made with 100% vegetable oil tested under dermatological control, 100% pure and natural essential oils, and plant extracts of Arnica and Devil's Claw.

ARTOhelp is designed for both the preparation and recovery of muscles, joints, and ligaments to prevent injuries caused by daily exercise or intense physical effort.

Therefore, it can be applied before or after exercise and is suitable for all types of sports practice.

Properties of the Ingredients in Artohelp Sports Massage

Arnica and Devil's Claw

Arnica and Devil's Claw in topical applications are the ideal adjunct for the skin, aided by the effect of menthol.

Other 100% Pure and Chemotyped Essential Oils

The essential oils of Peppermint, Wintergreen, Pine, Clove, Ginger, and Camphor have beneficial properties for sports massage.

Who is Artohelp Sports Massage Recommended For

ARTOhelp is recommended for individuals who want to prepare their muscles, joints, and ligaments before engaging in sports to prevent injuries, or for recovery after exercise.

Advantages of Artohelp Sports Massage

✓ Dermatologically tested.
✓ With 100% pure and natural essential oils.
✓ Suitable for vegans.
✓ Easily absorbed and does not leave a greasy residue.
✓ Suitable for all skin types.
✓ Available in two formats: 50 ml with spray, and 500 ml with dispenser.
✓ Recyclable packaging.

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Before or after physical exercise, spray 1 to 2 times on the muscle area and gently massage to facilitate absorption. 


With 100% pure and natural essential oils: Peppermint, Wintergreen, Pine, Clove, Ginger, Camphor.

Vegetable oils: Sweet almond, Jojoba, Olive, Sunflower.

Plant extracts: Arnica, Devil’s claw.


Spray bottle 50 ml
SKU: MN337
EAN: 8410885075437

500 ml bottle with dispenser
SKU: MN338
EAN: 8410885075741

External use only.
For use in children over 12 and adults.
Do not use during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.
Do not apply on mucous membranes or wounds.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Wash your hands after use.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature and away from heat sources.


50ml bottle with spray
500ml bottle with dispenser


How do you use Artohelp Sports Massage?

ARTOhelp is indicated for both the preparation and the recovery of muscles, joints, and ligaments to prevent injuries. Therefore, it can be applied before or after exercise and is suitable for all types of sports activities. You should apply 1 to 2 sprays on the muscle area and perform a light massage to facilitate its absorption. You can check the 'how to use' section above.

What does Artohelp Sports Massage smell like?

ARTOhelp does not contain any added fragrances or perfumes. It has the characteristic smell of its natural ingredients, such as mint, pine, and camphor.

Can I use Artohelp Sports Massage daily?

ARTOhelp can be used daily as its natural ingredients are kind to all skin types.

How many times a day can I use Artohelp Sports Massage?

ARTOhelp can be applied before and after physical exercise, as many times as you engage in it.

Can children or teenagers use Artohelp Sports Massage?

ARTOhelp can be used in children over 12 years old and adults.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding women use Artohelp Sports Massage?

ARTOhelp should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. If in doubt, they should consult their doctor or healthcare provider.

Is Artohelp Sports Massage suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, ARTOhelp is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


Sports Massage with Arnica and Devil's Claw

Devil's Claw and Arnica are widely used topically because of their conditioning, soothing, and comforting qualities that prepare muscles and ligaments for sports activities or post-training.

How to Perform a Sports Massage

Among the most known maneuvers of sports massage are rubbing, kneading, and vibration. Rubbing is the most used maneuver and is carried out through quick gliding frictions using the entire palm of the hand and fingers to reach the muscular tissue without causing pain.

Types of Massages in Sport

Sports massage can be performed either before or after sports practice.

When it is prior to sports practice, it serves as a warm-up massage to prepare the muscle area that will require more involvement in the exercise.

When the massage is performed after the exercise, it is considered a recovery massage for the release and recovery of muscles after intense physical effort.

What Benefits Does a Sports Massage Provide?

The friction exerted by the massage promotes blood flow in the area, benefiting the muscles for sports practice by achieving greater oxygenation of them.


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  1. Leti

    I have changed my usual product for this one and the change is incredible.

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  2. Ramón Ángel

    I switched from Reflex to this product, which is natural. I take it to training sessions and it works great.

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  3. Salva

    I bought it for discomfort that can occur after training. It provides great relief and the format is very convenient. It is easily absorbed.

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  4. Farraj ali


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  5. Farraj ali


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