Combo pack Ultra-nebulising diffuser + Synergy Collection

Create well-being atmospheres anywhere

Choose your SYNERGY experience and use it with the practical and convenient USB Ultra-nebulising Diffuser


Combo Ultra-nebulising diffuser + Synergy Repell
Combo Ultra-nebulising diffuser + Synergy Energy
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Combo Ultra-nebulising diffuser + Synergy Purify
Combo Ultra-nebulising diffuser + Synergy Relax

The MARNYS® SYNERGY combo pack includes the USB Ultra-nebulising diffuser that mists 100% natural essential oils along with one of the synergies of 100% Organic essential oils for aroma diffusion from our SYNERGY COLLECTION line: RepellRelaxPurify and Energy

Choose the synergy of essential oils for aroma diffusion that best suits your moment and use it in the MARNYS® USB Ultra-nebulising diffuser in a practical and easy way.

Please read the instructions and precautions for use carefully before you use this product.

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The MARNYS® SYNERGY combo pack includes the USB ultra-nebulising diffuser which is practical and easy to use. Just screw the bottle of your chosen synergy in the USB Ultra-nebulising diffuser and plug it to a USB port. The essential oils will diffuse in the form of very fine microdroplets, so they’ll remain suspended in the air for longer, preserving all their properties.

The diffusion intervals of the USB Ultra-nebulising diffuser can be regulated and its practical size allows you to transport and use it easily in any room. 


Combo pack: USB Ultra-nebulising diffuser + 1 Synergy Collection oil


Ultra-nebulising diffuser + Synergy Repell

Ultra-nebulising diffuser + Synergy Energy

Ultra-nebulising diffuser + Synergy Purify

Ultra-nebulising diffuser + Synergy Relax


How do I use the USB + Synergy Collection Combo?

The COMBO includes the Ultra Nebuliser USB and the chosen Synergy Collection essential oil mix.

It is very easy to use. Simply screw the Synergy Collection bottle onto the Ultra Nebuliser and connect it to a USB port. Then you choose the diffusion mode.

You can check the 'mode of use' section above.

Can I buy the Ultra Nebuliser USB Diffuser and Synergy Essential Oils separately?

Yes, you can purchase the Ultra Nebuliser USB and Synergy Collection essential oil synergies individually.

Can I use the Ultra Nebuliser USB Diffuser with essential oils other than the Synergy line?

Yes, most essential oils can be used for aromadiffusion, but you should always check the labelling of the essential oil to see if it is suitable for use in diffusers. You should also check that the packaging of the essential oil fits correctly into your USB Ultra Nebuliser Diffuser.

The COMBO is designed to make it easy for the user to purchase the USB Diffuser together with Synergy Collection's 100% organic, pure and natural by the Synergy Collection.

Also, please note that the following Essential Oils should not be used for diffusion: Camphor, Cinnamon, Clove, Black Pepper, Spanish Sage and Thyme.

Can I use the essential oils from the Synergy line in other aroma diffusers?

Yes, Synergy Collection aromadiffusion synergies can be used in other aroma diffusers such as humidifiers, or like our Bamboo Ultrasonic Diffuser, simply by adding a few drops of the essential oil to the water tank, or in other devices, provided they are assembled correctly and the instructions for use and precautions are followed before use.

Where can I plug in the USB Ultra Nebuliser Diffuser?

The Ultra USB Nebuliser is a handy device that can be plugged into any USB port. You can plug it into a USB socket in a room, in the car, on the computer, etc.

Can I plug the Ultra Nebuliser USB Diffuser into my laptop?

Yes, the Ultra Nebuliser USB can be plugged into any USB port. For laptops, please note that the essential oils will be diffused in the form of very fine micro-droplets that are suspended in the air, and this may generate humidity near the device.

Is it necessary to put water to diffuse the scent in the Ultra Nebuliser USB Diffuser?

No, the Ultra Nebuliser USB does not need water, it diffuses the scent directly from the bottle. Please read the 'how to use' section above carefully. 

4 reviews for Combo pack Ultra-nebulising diffuser + Synergy Collection

  1. chonpariciogallego

    A thoughtful gift from my niece. I use it in my office with Synergy Purify oil and I' m delighted with the ambience it creates. I am going to buy another one to give to a friend.

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  2. María Martínez

    Delighted with the customer service. The product is excellent. I love it!

    [Translated from]

  3. Alba

    I ordered this combo a week ago and it arrived super fast at home. I am super happy with the order, it works great and smells suuuuper good all over the house. I recommend it 100%. I also liked the customer service at Marnys very much, they are very friendly and attentive.

    [Translated from]

  4. Lucía

    I love all products related to aromatherapy. I have found this one very useful to take with me everywhere I go. I always carry it in my suitcase and I can create the ambience I want anywhere. Great as an original and useful gift!

    [Translated from]

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