MARNYS Bamboo Oil Diffuser

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Let an ultra-fine aromatic mist surround you, transform your senses and delight them with your favourite fragrances


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Let the ultra-fine aromatic mist of MARNYS® Bamboo Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser surround you, transform your senses and delight them with the fragrances you choose.

MARNYS® Bamboo Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser, with an exquisite design made of Bamboo, brings a touch of nature and elegance. It is easy to use, silent and safe, and has got a flashing-coloured LED light that helps to balance the atmosphere. MARNYS® Bamboo Diffuser creates a harmonic, serene, sensitive and unique experience thanks to diffusion. MARNYS® Bamboo Essential Oils Diffuser uses high-frequency ultrasonic technology that makes water molecules vibrate inside the container, creating an ultra-fine mist that slowly gets into the atmosphere of the selected place, thus enabling to keep the optimal fragrance and the desired effect in every room. When natural essential oils are used in MARNYS® Bamboo Diffuser, they will be conveyed into the water by the effect of ultrasonic waves, creating millions of micro particles that will be misted in the room in the form of ultra-fine aromatic mist.  Micro-diffusion is carried out at low temperature, what preserves all the properties of Essential Oils. This diffuser has got a flashing-coloured LED light with three different colours. It also counts on a timer for personalised use.

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We recommended you to only use natural essential oils, as long as their use is indicated as 'Diffusion' mode. They can be used by themselves or combined with other essential oils, depending on the environment and the desired situation.


SKU: AA999
EAN: 8410885084880


Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser 150ml



Bamboo wood cover and base

Size approx.: 92 x 92 x 150mm

Capacity: 150ml / fl oz

1 AC adapter: 100-240V, 24V 0.5A

Power: 12W

1 measuring cup

3 changing LED lights

1 base and 1 ceramic disk

ON/OFF buttons and indicator lights: Power – Intermittent (14 hrs)/Continuous (7 hrs)

Timer setting 1 hr/2 hr, int./cont.

Diffusion area: 37m2

MARNYS® – MARTINEZ NIETO, S.A. is not responsible for any damage caused by the inappropriate use of MARNYS® Bamboo Diffuser.


3 reviews for MARNYS Bamboo Oil Diffuser

  1. Ana Belen

    Discreet design made of bamboo. Without being too big it scents very well. I recommend it without a doubt.

    [Translated from]

  2. Elena de Luelmo Moreno

    It is as I imagined, elegant and beautiful. It creates an aroma that permeates the room, which contributes to the relaxation of the senses. Highly recommended.

    [Translated from]

  3. hdez.manuela

    Very happy to receive it. It is very nice, soft and transportable. It works great. I recommend it 100%.

    [Translated from]

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