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BETAFOR3MAX®. Exclusive formula for MARNYS SPORTS®


One of the strengths of our new line of natural sports nutrition MARNYS SPORTS® is the development of BETAFOR3MAX®. It is an exclusive formula in powder format developed by our laboratory Martínez Nieto S. A.. It contains β-alanine (beta alanine) of controlled release, and is under clinical study by elite athletes with the aim of proving that it improves sports performance.

What is beta alanine?

Beta alanine (ß-alanine) is a non-essential amino acid synthesized in the liver that can be taken in through the diet (from animal sources) and/or complemented by supplements. Its intake increases the levels of carnosine, a dipeptide that neutralizes protons that are formed in excess. Given this increase in carnosine, we want to prove in our study that BETAFOR3MAX® could be effective in: combating fatigue, increasing performance and duration of high-intensity exercise.

Extended-release beta alanine: BETAFOR3MAX®.

The clinical study developed by researchers of the MARNYS-UCAM chair, as well as the previous bioavailability tests, has confirmed that a high concentration of beta alanine can cause adverse effects of paresthesia, itching and prickling sensations that usually appear on the arms, chest and head area.

BETAFOR3MAX®, thanks to its innovative process of sustained release of beta alanine, is able to reduce these adverse effects and increase bioavailability, as well as being investigated to increase efficacy and efficiency in athletes. It is, therefore, the most technologically innovative beta alanine product for athletes: a sustained release powder that can increase the dose provided without side effects such as paresthesia.

BETAFOR3MAX® formula is now available in RX Muscle Force and Preformance Nature products of MARNYS SPORT® POWER line.

What is beta alanine for?

Study on BETAFOR3MAX® (beta alanine): supplement bioavailability

The study carried out with the Chair of Exercise Physiology of the Catholic University of Murcia analyzed the bioavailability of the supplement BETAFOR3MAX® in blood. It was aimed to increase the maximum dose taken so far according to previous studies. Furthermore, a paresthesia test was given to be filled in throughout the process.

The aims of this experiment were the following:

  1. To test BETAFOR3MAX® in humans to see if it complies with the expected release profile (previously tested and studied in laboratory trials).
  2. To compare the release of beta alanine with the only product commercially available in sustained release (in tablet format) as a reference in an isomolar concentration (same amount of active ingredient).
  3. To compare the results of the paresthesia test between the groups.

 The in vitro bioavailability studies supported that BETAFOR3MAX® is suitable as an extended release vehicle, as it shows that the active ingredients successfully reach the bloodstream.

The release profile meets the expectation of a longer sustained release over time, also corresponding with a higher amount of appearance in blood (compared to another product on the market).

The results of paresthesia, comparing the other product in the market with BETAFOR3MAX®, have a corresponding score with a value between "very very weak" and "very weak" being null the appearance of this side effect. 

Upcoming studies on BETAFOR3MAX® (beta alanine) 

Due to the success obtained in this bioavailability study, a clinical phase is currently being carried out in elite cyclists, a clinical trial to test the efficacy on performance in high-performance athletes.

How should beta alanine be taken?

It is recommended to take it after a meal and before training together with a carbohydrate source. 

As for the duration, it is usually recommended to take beta alanine supplementation for two months, with a one-month break taking into account the size, weight or gender of the consumer. 

BETAFOR3MAX® has the advantage of being able to be dosed in a customized way and in a higher concentration, as it is a powder product and not a tablet. 

Beta alanine and creatine: differences  

Creatine is used by the body in the first seconds of a  sprint. It is an amino acid that increases our "instant ATP" reserves. However, the muscle can only store a limited amount of creatine, which is achieved after one month of intake. 

Beta alanine is used by the muscle after those first seconds in which creatine has helped us, thanks to the fact that it dampens (buffers) the acidity that the muscle naturally produces in this kind of effort (the availability of muscular oxygen is low). Beta alanine increases carnosine reserves and its best known effect is paresthesia: a tingling, tingling or prickling sensation. One of the advantages of BETAFOR3MAX®, is that there is less paresthesia for the same amount of product, thanks to the fact that it is the only controlled-release beta alanine on the market.