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15 July, 2022

We donated 800 litres of milk for the campaign 'Paint him/her a milk moustache'.

  • The food supplement laboratory from Cartagena joined the initiative of the food bank and the City Council of Cartagena so that no child goes without this basic product.
  • The company has doubled the amount delivered by employees through the milk collection points and donations.

The food supplements and natural cosmetics laboratory, MARNYS - Martínez Nieto S.A., has managed to donate 800 litres of milk for the solidarity campaign "Paint him/her a milk moustache"., organised by the food bank and the City Council of Cartagena.

The initiative has the aim of making sure that no child goes without this basic daily food, especially during the summer when school canteens are closed. To support it, MARNYS arranged a collection point for milk and donations to buy milk in its facilities located in the Polígono de Los Camachos in Cartagena.

By the end of the solidarity campaign on 15 June, the company had doubled the amounts donated by its employees.

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility programmes 'MARNYS HEALTHY' and 'MARNYS COMMUNITY', MARNYS - Martínez Nieto S.A. promotes actions aimed at encouraging and protecting the health and well-being of all people, including the most disadvantaged, promoting the benefits of good health and eating habits.