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5 June, 2024

We collaborate with the 'No School Without Tetraclinis' project

  • For the second consecutive year, MARNYS - Martínez Nieto S.A. has participated in this program of CEIP La Concepción to encourage students to learn about nature and respect for the environment.
  • The company has provided the necessary materials to plant over 120 trees of this species known as 'Cartagena Cypress' in 60 schools in the city.

No School Without Tetraclinis

MARNYS - Martínez Nieto S.A. has collaborated for the second consecutive year with the project "No School Without Tetraclinis," promoted by CEIP La Concepción in Cartagena.

This time, participating students from 60 educational centers in Cartagena and the surrounding area donated a total of 120 trees of the Tetraclinis articulata species (also known as Cartagena Cypress) on June 4th.

The contribution from MARNYS - Martínez Nieto S.A. has been used to acquire the necessary materials for planting, including eco-friendly protectors and bamboo stakes, so the tetraclinis can take root easily in the school gardens. The company has also provided paper bags to contain all the materials, avoiding the use of plastic materials that are harmful to the environment.

Each student planted the seeds of this native and protected species from the Region of Murcia using an empty milk carton. They have nurtured and cared for the seeds from October until the end of the school year.

Last year, CEIP La Concepción launched the project "No School Without Aladierno," through which they donated these trees to 60 schools. The objective of these initiatives is to turn schools into islands of biodiversity and sanctuaries for native species, so that children can learn about and value them, while instilling values such as respect for nature, interest in research, and altruism.

This collaboration from MARNYS - Martínez Nieto S.A. is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program 'MARNYS Planet', aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations' 2030 Agenda.

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