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Vegetable oils for a healthy and shiny hair in summer

Vegetable oils for a healthy and shiny hair in summer

Published: 23 June, 2020 - Updated: 2 March, 2023 | 3'

Summer increases the effects of external agents on the hair. Sunshine, chlorine from swimming pools, sea salt and heat may affect the condition of the hair and can result in loss of shine or excessive dryness, damaging the ends of the hair.

In the case of salt water from the sea, it causes the static charge to be altered, as well as the elastic properties of the hair, making it fragile, brittle, dry and dull. This is why it is important to rinse the hair with warm or cold water after a bath to remove salt, sand or chlorine residues.

We must not forget the importance of nutrition for the good condition of the hair. A lack of protein, folic acid, iron or vitamins A, B and C may also cause dry and brittle hair. These nutrients can be found in wholegrain cereals, nuts, dried fruit, fish oil, and also in vegetables such as spinach or broccoli or fruit such as oranges and kiwis.

Give life to your hair in the most natural way.

Do you know how to take care of your hair so it does not suffer in summer and how to revitalise it afterwards? MARNYS® suggests four 100% vegetable cosmetic oils that will be your allies not only in this hot season, but all year round.

How to use?.

Apply a small amount of the oil on clean damp hair from the roots to the ends and massage it in. If your hair is very greasy, only apply it to the ends. This will create a protective layer that will prevent these external agents from affecting the condition of your hair and repair any damage already done.




MARNYS® Jojoba Oil, formulated with 100% liquid wax, is suitable for all kinds of hair, but especially for greasy hair, as it provides intense hydration and regulates sebaceous secretion of the scalp without leaving a greasy finish. It also leaves hair easy to comb, soft and shiny.

Jojoba oil is very versatile, as it is not only used for hair, but also nourishes and revitalises the skin, moisturising it intensely and helping to prevent premature ageing.


MARNYS® Organic Argan Oil is the most suitable to bring shine and softness back to your hair, especially if you have dry and damaged hair. It also helps manage frizz caused by humidity.

Besides, it can help with hair protein maintenance, allowing less "hair breakage". 

This oil, also known as the Liquid Gold of Morocco, has been used for years for its moisturising, regenerative and antioxidant properties. As well as for the hair, Argan oil also acts on dry and dull skin, helps to reduce fine lines and strengthen fragile nails.


AP117-G - Aceite de Coco

MARNYS® Coconut Oil provides hydration, softness and care to both hair and skin, being a natural conditioner and perfect to revitalise unruly, dry, damaged or frizz-prone hair, leaving your hair easy to comb, soft and with an amazing shine!

Thanks to its composition rich in lauric and myristic acid, it is also suitable for sensitive scalp and skin, helping to restore the suppleness and softness of the hair.



MARNYS® Jojoba and  Argan cosmetic vegetable oils are COSMOS certified by SOIL ASSOCIATION, one of the most prestigious international organisations for certified ORGANIC and NATURAL products.

The COSMOS Standard is the globally recognised certification for organic and natural cosmetic products. It is the result of the cooperation of the main Certifiers Soil Association (UK), Ecocert (France), Cosmebio (France), BDIH (Germany) and AIAB/ICEA (Italy).

The COSMOS Standard ensures:

✓The use of products from organic farming and the respect of bio-diversity.
✓ Responsible use of natural resources and respect for the environment.
✓ Manufacturing processes that are clean and harmless to human health and the environment.