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Supplements in drinkable vials, what are their advantages?

Supplements in drinkable vials, what are their advantages?

Published: 27 January, 2022 | 4'

What are drinkable vials?

Drinkable vials are one of the dosage formats available on the market for taking food supplements and medicines in liquid form orally.

The single-dose drinkable vial is a single-use liquid format, avoiding dispensers, cups or spoons.

In the last few years, it has been increasingly in demand due to the many advantages it offers.

Why should you take supplements in single-dose drinkable format? 

Viales bebibles MarnysThe single-dose drinkable vial format has all the advantages of liquid formats, which are easier to take for those who prefer not to take pills, tablets or capsules whose size or quantity per day leads them to stop taking them.

But this format is also more convenient and practical than other liquid formats such as syrups with dosage cups or teaspoons.

Apart from these reasons, when it comes to choosing which format to take a medicine or food supplement in, many people choose single-dose drinkable vials because they are technically one of the most efficient dosage formats.


Advantages of drinkable vials 

As we have said, the advantages of drinkable vials are many, the most important of which are as follows:

Better absorption and bioavailability

The active ingredient is released quickly, improving absorption and bioavailability (availability of the active ingredient in blood and tissues).

The stability of the active ingredients is preserved

The formula remains free from modification or transformation, thanks to the technology of filling in a controlled environment of temperature, humidity and pressure.

Exact dosage 

Allows efficient dosing of the amount of active ingredients in the formula.

Safer and more hygienic packaging

A single-dose vial provides hermetically sealed protection for the active ingredients, reducing the possibility of external contamination and tampering once opened. In addition, as it is a single-use liquid format, there is no need for uncomfortable dispensers, cups or spoons.

Easy to carry and easy to drink 

The small size of a single-dose drinkable vial fits into everyday life, making it easy to carry in bags or backpacks, so it can be taken anytime, anywhere. This also prevents you from forgetting to take it.

More pleasant taste and smell

Due to the technology used, the solutions are very flexible and increasingly advanced when it comes to adding flavours and fragrances that are pleasant to our taste and smell. 

Food supplements in drinkable vial format 

Drinkable collagen 

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, between 25-35% of our protein mass. Its presence gives structural integrity to the skin creating a dense network throughout the dermis providing elasticity and firmness; while in the joints it manages the arrangement, assembly, integrity and mechanical properties. Drinkable hydrolysed collagen is an easy, convenient and efficient way to take this protein as a nutricosmetic ingredient.

Drinkable Vitamin C 

Viales vitaminas MARNYSDrinking vitamin C is an option that you can use every day. Liposomal vitamin C in drinkable vial format provides a higher bioavailability and stable presence in the body, compared to standard vitamin C.

Vitamin C contributes to normal immune function and cellular protection from oxidative damage (EFSA).

Magnesium in drinkable format 

Magnesium plays a role in more than 300 enzymatic reactions and is involved in energy metabolism, protein synthesis and muscle contraction, among others.

Drinkable vials with magnesium in liposomal format increase bioavailability, as phospholipids (found naturally in bile and gastrointestinal mucosa), aid digestion and improve nutrient absorption by acting as a protective barrier against gastric acid and digestive enzymes.

Iron in drinking supplements 

Iron contributes to the formation of proteins needed for the transport of oxygen to red blood cells, flavoproteins and other enzymes. Iron can be obtained from red meat, egg yolk, legumes and nuts, mostly.

The drinkable iron formulation of Ferrous Bisglycinate is a highly bioavailable and stable source of iron.

Drinkable L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine is a natural compound widely used in sports, both occasionally and recreationally, as well as professionally. It is involved in energy metabolism and the transport of long-chain fatty acids, which are the energy reserve of the muscles.

The drinkable format of L-carnitine in a liposomal formulation allows it to be absorbed in the small intestine, increasing its bioavailability and contributing to its activity in the body.

Royal jelly and propolis in drinking supplements 

Propolis and royal jelly, two important products of honey bees, have been commonly used around the world as traditional nutrients since ancient times. Both have a large number of active ingredients that are known to be effective for nutritional well-being in both humans and animals.

Royal Jelly for drinking 

A drinkable vial containing Royal Jelly is an excellent choice to face our daily routine. Royal Jelly is the main food of the queen bee, which is the coloniser of the hive. It is a nutritive secretion rich in minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. It has many minerals (mainly calcium and iron), vitamins (mainly riboflavin, niacin, thiamine), fatty acids, sugars, proteins and free amino acids.

Royal jelly and pollen for drinking 

Royal jelly is also available in combination of drinkable vials with Royal Jelly and Pollen. The German Commission E and EFSA ON HOLD (3135) recognise the benefits of pollen for improving appetite and asthenia.

Royal jelly and vitamins in drinkable vials for children 

For the youngest members of the family, there are excellent options in drinkable single-dose vials that combine royal jelly with vitamins. This liquid format is ideal for food supplements for children because it makes it easy to take. They can take it on its own or mixed with cold juices, yoghurts or smoothies.

Cranberry and D-Mannose in drinking supplements 

This combination of ingredients can also be found in drinkable vials with D-Mannose, Centinodia and Cranberry. It is a choice that efficiently promotes the overall wellbeing of the urinary tract in adults.

Drinkable Coenzyme Q10 

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a molecule found naturally in every cell of the human body, and is an essential component of the energy production chain. The drinkable vial format of Coenzyme Q10 on an oily base enables better absorption of CoQ10.

Drinkable stimulant complexes

Among the different formats of energy supplements to drink, the single-dose drinkable vial format is particularly easy and convenient for taking food supplements if you practice sports. It is a very practical and useful option, for example, in 'shots' that can include vitamins or stimulant ingredients such as caffeine, Korean ginseng and theobromine, which facilitate physical performance and mental concentration.