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Shaving with Natural Plant-Based oils

Shaving with Natural Plant-Based oils

Published: 1 March, 2019 - Updated: 22 March, 2021 | 3'

Shaving can be a tricky task for men and cause concern for the most sensitive or dry skins, as there may be cuts, topical reactions, the appearance of pimples or even rashes. Did you know that natural vegetable oils can make shaving a more pleasant experience and improve skin hydration?

What's the facial routine for a male skin?

Both men and women need to maintain good skin hydration throughout the day. It is important to apply products appropriate for each situation and skin type, as there are various factors that influence the skin such as stress, pollution, UV radiation, weather and age.


However, men and women should follow a facial routine. What is the facial routine for men?

Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Clean and moisturise your skin every morning. This routine may include skin exfoliation once a week.
  2. Before shaving, soften and moisturise your beard to minimise irritation.
  3. At night, cleanse the skin again to remove dirt from pores and to let the skin breathe.

Is it good to exfoliate the skin before shaving?

Yes, it's advisable. This is a common doubt for many men who care about their skin care.

Exfoliating the skin before shaving helps cleanse impurities and soften beard hair. Repeat it once a week, especially if your skin tends to become irritated after shaving.

The natural alternative to exfoliating facial gels is very simple: mix a small amount of sugar with a few drops of Jojoba vegetable oil. Apply the blend to your cleansed face with a gentle massage for 2 to 3 minutes. Wash then your skin to remove the mixture from the face. You will be able to remove dead cells and prepare your skin for shaving.

How to soften your beard and achieve a non-irritating shave?

For skin care before and after shaving, the use of natural vegetable oils is recommended. Especially for skins prone to irritation because of the daily use of razor blades, dry skin, sensitive skin or very hard beard hair. Vegetable oils help soften beard hair and allow a gentle shave with less irritation.

Aceite de Jojoba Marnys para el afeitado

100% Natural Vegetable Oils: MARNYS® Vegetable Oils are 100% natural and certified. They do not only make shaving easier, but also leave your skin smooth and soft. The selection of vegetable oils is essential to not leave a greasy feeling or clog pores, to show a skin moisturised in a natural and lasting way.


How to use vegetable oils for shaving: 4 steps

It is advisable to use vegetable oils before shaving. Follow these recommendations to use them:

  1. Wet your face with warm water to open the pores and make shaving more comfortable.
  2. Then dry your face gently, leaving the skin moistened. Apply the oil on the shaving area and massage with care. Wait a few seconds before getting down to business.
  3. Proceed to shave as usual. Your skin will be ready for a softer, more natural finish.
  4. The use of MARNYS® Vegetable Oils acts as a natural after-shave, leaving your skin intensely moisturised, soft and protected.

Which vegetable oils are ideal for shaving?

The most recommended oils to use in shaving, which do not leave a greasy feeling or clog the pores, are:

  • Argan Oil: a biological alternative to normalise the skin hydration. Perfect for normal skin.
  • Jojoba Oil: natural alternative to balance the levels of hydration and fat. For mixed or oily skins.
  • Rose Hip Oil: nourishes the skin and helps improve regeneration, firmness and elasticity. It also helps attenuate blemishes and wrinkles. Recommended for dry or very dry skins.

MARNYS® Vegetable Argan, Jojoba and Rosehip Oils provide a high content of essential fatty acids to the skin and help improve its appearance. They contain vitamin E and antioxidants. These MARNYS® Vegetable Oils are certified ORGANIC and NATURAL by COSMOS, awarded by the prestigious international organisation SOIL ASSOCIATION which guarantees that Argan, Jojoba and Rose Hip oils:

  • Are not tested on animals (following this way the Cruelty-Free Philosophy)
  • 0% parabens, artificial colours, synthetic perfumes, PEG emulsifiers and mineral oils/paraffin
  • Clean manufacturing processes
  • Environmentally friendly natural resources
  • Recyclable packaging

These shaving oils are, therefore, perfect for all skin types, including hypersensitive skin prone to irritation



SOIL ASSOCIATION - Cosmos Organic - Cosmos Natural ¿Cómo cuidar la barba?

How to care for your beard?

For those days when you don't want to shave, and you let your beard grow, or if this is your usual look, condition it with MARNYS® Organic Shea Butter. It’s got a protective and toning effect on the skin, apart from contributing to the shine and appearance of your hair, and helps detangle and leaves no greasy residue.


How to apply MARNYS® Organic Shea Butter? Put a small amount on the palm of your hand and massage until melted and spread it on the beard. Finally, massage and comb your beard.

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