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31 October, 2023

Royal Provite 5000: Winner of Best Internal Care Product at the 2023 Men's Health Take Care Awards

  • The magazine awarded a total of eleven outstanding brands and products in the area of personal wellness, innovation, and beauty.
  • The gala took place in Madrid on the 27th of October.

men's health awards

Royal Provite 5000 by MARNYS: Voted Best Internal Care Product

The Men's Health Take Care Awards have announced the winners of their latest edition.

Among the most outstanding male care products of 2023, Royal Provite 5000 by MARNYS has emerged victorious in the Best Internal Care Product category, beating all other candidates.

The Men's Health Take Care Awards have been highlighting the importance of male care for 16 years, always focusing on the latest treatments, supplements, and male beauty products.

In addition to praising the great quality of the product, the magazine wanted to highlight the convenience of its drinkable vials, a format perfectly suited to our current lifestyle.

Royal Provite 5000, a boost of vitality when you need it most

In convenient drinkable monodose vials, Royal Provite 5000 contains a high concentration of pure royal jelly (the largest and only one in the market) combined with open pollen, propolis, and vitamin E, which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative damage (EFSA, 2010).

This dietary supplement provides an extra boost of vitality and dynamism in moments of tiredness or fatigue and especially during periods of intense physical or work activity.

Its format is extremely convenient, allowing for easy and quick consumption without the need for water. Only one vial a day needs to be taken, preferably in the morning before breakfast.

Experts in male care and well-being reward our quality

The quality of this excellent dietary supplement has been recognized by the popular magazine Men's Health at their annual Take Care Awards, which took place on Friday, the 27th of October in Madrid, and our National Director, Carlos López, attended to receive the award from Eneko Fernández, winner of the eleventh edition of MasterChef.

The Men's Health Take Care Awards are the benchmark awards for all brands and products in the male beauty sector.

As every year, the publication released the data from the Men's Health Study on Male Personal Care, a large-scale survey conducted among over 7800 Spanish men with an average age of 40.

From this study, relevant data is gleaned, such as 50% of respondents stating that the main reason they take care of themselves is to feel good, or that 40% admit to dedicating over an hour a day to physical exercise.

With these results, it is not surprising that this expert publication in male care has found in Royal Provite 5000 by MARNYS a perfect ally for the physical well-being goal that Spanish men aspire to.

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