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23 January, 2023

We are renewing our sponsorship with Jimbee Cartagena Futsal

  • MARNYS® - Martínez Nieto, S.A. continues to be a sponsor of the club this 2022/2023 season.
  • Players and members of the staff visited our facilities to know first-hand the natural supplements that are already part of their daily routines.

MARNYS renueva con el Jimbee Cartagena Fútbol Sala

MARNYS® - Martínez Nieto S.A. continues to be the official sponsor of Jimbee Cartagena FS for the 2022/2023 season. Some of Jimbee’s team players and members of the technical staff visited the facilities of the MARNYS laboratory located in the industrial area of Los Camachos in Cartagena (Spain).

During the meeting, players such as Lucão, Meira, Amín and Raúl Rocha were able to see first-hand how some MARNYS sports supplements are manufactured, such as Carnitin 3000, liposomal L-Carnitine liquid; or Premium Creatine, ultra pure creatine.

MARNYS' commitment to sport is one of the pillars of the Cartagena-based company, and its support for clubs, athletes and sporting events in the local community is especially recognised.

We wish the team all the best for this season!

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