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29 January, 2021

MARNYS renews the BIO and Natural cosmetics Certifications

Around twenty cosmetic products are COSMOS certified, the global standard for organic and natural beauty.

MARNYS - Martínez Nieto, S.A. has succeeded in the renewal, for yet another year, of the Bio and Natural cosmetics certifications under the COSMOS standard issued by the British Soil Association. This certification guarantees sustainably sourced organic ingredients and clean manufacturing processes that protect wildlife and biodiversity.

Around twenty MARNYS® cosmetic products are certified as either COSMOS ORGANIC or COSMOS NATURAL.

MARNYS®’s COSMOS NATURAL certified cosmetic products are Jojoba Oil, Hypericum Moisturizing Oil, Rosehip Regenerating Oil, and the new Acniroll, Biteroll and Calmiroll.

Those that renew the COSMOS ORGANIC certification are Organic Rosehip Regenerating Oil, Argan Repairing Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Soothing Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Ricinlash Eyelash Repairing Oil, Organic Hand and Nail Balm, Repairing Foot Cream, and Shea Butter from the MARNYS® Dermpure line.

Certifications make it easier to choose organic and respectful cosmetics

The BIO and/or Natural certification of cosmetic products is a competitive advantage for the product and a guarantee for the consumer in order to find cosmetics that are truly respectful.

As explained by Vanesa Paredes, MARNYS® Technical Director for Cosmetic and Hygienic Products and a pharmacist, "certified cosmetics that comply with the COSMOS standard guarantee that the product has a measured traceability, from raw materials to the manufacture of the product until it arrives to the consumer".

"When the consumer is looking for an organic or natural cosmetic, this certification helps them make a purchase decision, as they can be assured that there is an environmental plan for the entire production process of the cosmetic", she adds.

More information about COSMOS standard:

This standard has been developed at a European and international level by BDIH (Germany), COSMEBIO & ECOCERT (France), ICEA (Italy) and the SOIL ASSOCIATION (UK) who are the founders of the COSMOS-Standard AISBL (an international non-profit association registered in Belgium) in order to define common requirements and definitions for organic and/or natural cosmetics.

COSMOS standard guarantees:

  • Promoting the use of products from organic agriculture and respecting biodiversity
  • Using natural resources responsibly, and respecting the environment
  • Using manufacturing processes that are clean and respectful to human health and the environment integrating and developing the concept of "Green Chemistry".