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Renew your skin after summer

Renew your skin after summer

Published: 6 October, 2016 - Updated: 14 January, 2021 | 2'

Autumn is the perfect time to look after your summer hair and skin.

Once the holidays are over, we go back to having a packed diary and our skin is worse for wear because of summer excesses. You should do anything but get swept up by the holiday blues, as it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get back on form. To do so, there’s nothing better than a beauty plan that helps balance your body inside and out, and obtain smoother, more hydrated, firmer skin.

Set your mind to it

Marnys. Renueva tu piel tras el verano

Exposure to ultraviolet rays reduces the presence of antioxidants in the skin and bloodstream by 58%. Antioxidants are essential for smooth and wrinkle-free skin, and must be recovered as soon as possible. How? Let us explain.


Eating raw and cooked fruit and vegetables will provide you with the antioxidants that you need to get back on track. Nuts are also recommended, given their countless nutrients. Food supplements rich in Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 are fantastic for taking care of our bodies and are in a much higher concentration than in nuts.
Relaxing and nourishing baths

Relaxing and nourishing baths

Having a relaxing bath, at least once a week, is perfect for releasing tensions. After getting out of the bath, you should apply a generous amount of Jojoba oil to your skin. It helps regenerate and nourish skin, but is also essential for sensitive skin, given its excellent calming properties. If you're particular about your hair, you should opt for Jojoba oil, which can also be used as a hair mask, given that it revives greasy hair and restores dry, brittle hair.
Perfect, hydrated skin

Perfect and hydrated skin

If your skin looks dry and dull, you need to get it back on form. Exfoliating helps keep your skin smooth, soft and free from dry patches. Specialists recommend using a gentle peeling, which removes dead cells without irritating skin. High-risk areas, like your face, neck, neckline and breasts, must be treated with special products.
Body moisturisers help restore the body's water and lipid reserves in the skin. Almond oil is perfect for keeping skin young and healthy, given its nourishing, moisturising and emollient power. What's more, it is great at preventing the appearance of stretch marks. Apply it to damp skin, after showering. Rosehip oil is better suited for delicate areas, like your neck, face and neckline, and its regenerating, healing and hydrating power helps keep skin looking good. Long-term use can also help reduce sunspots and signs of aging.

Recover skin elasticity

Say "no" to cellulite and restore skin firmness. One trick is by showering with warm water and running jets of cold water on your legs, moving upwards, to the glutes, stomach and breasts, and using circular movements. If you also use an anti-cellulite oil and food rich in L-carnitine, your skin will be grateful for it.

Source: Salud&Aromas magazine