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11 July, 2019

"I know where my limit is, but I keep pushing myself to see where I can reach".

Raúl Martínez MARNYSRaúl Martínez, twelve times Spanish bike trial champion, tells us how to look after your body and optimise your performance in order to achieve your sports goals.

The rider of the Club Trial bici Cartagena, Raúl Martínez, is an example of performance and achievement at the highest level in one of the most demanding sports on two wheels, bike trial.

He has achieved his twelfth national award in the Spanish Trial Bike Championship 2019 held on 22 and 23 June at the new circuit of Los Camachos in Cartagena and on 30 June he stood on the podium in third position at the European Championship in Brumano (Italy).

1. At the age of 37 you have a record full of successes that includes being Spanish Trial Bike Champion five years in a row, between 2000 and 2005. What do you think that has been your greatest sports success?.

Honestly, beyond the titles, my success has been to be able to continue to perform at my highest level day after day, training after training. I know where my limit is but I keep on pushing myself to see how far I can get.

2. In addition to your training and your usual work, every Saturday you train a group of 30 children from Junior School of the Club Trial bici Cartagena, who have been interested in this sport since they were very young (even children who ride bikes with training wheels). It is, with no doubt, a strong commitment to promote it in Cartagena and all over Spain. What do you think about the present and the future of Trial Bici?

I think it has a great future. We have great young riders and this is thanks to the Club Trial bici Cartagena school which, together with its instructors and technical management, is helping trial to reach these young champions. We already have a Spanish champion in the promising category, Luis Manuel Martínez, a clear example of the good work being done by the club.

Raúl Martínez Trial Bici3. What is the most difficult part of bike trial?.

I would say everything. It's a very physical and very technical sport, but you also need power and courage. Of course, you also have to be very good mentally?

4. How do you work on your concentration and mind? What is your rest or training routine before a race?.

I try to be relaxed and rest a lot. I already have some experience and I know that I have to enjoy the moment. As for my routine, I always try to know the circuit very well and also discuss with my teammates and rivals. I also do some mental exercises that my psychologist taught me.

5. How is your training routine during the days before or after a race or an important championship?.

I usually train very focused on competition, like a mock race. I also try to improve my weak points in my daily training. In general, I like riding and I enjoy doing trials.

6. Not only competitions, but daily trials bike training is very hard on the body because you are outdoors, so you are exposed to all kinds of environmental conditions, whether it's sun and heat, rain or cold. How do you protect yourself physically?

The truth is that the worst time for us is in summer. We are more exposed to the heat, although we are used to it, to some extent. Regarding protection, we wear light equipment, both in clothing and protections, but a helmet is compulsory.

7. What part or parts of your body suffer most? How do you look after them?.

I suffer a lot from my ankles and knees, although in recent years I have been taking more and more care of them. A proper warm-up and, of course, good stretching are very important for these parts of the body.

8. As well as protecting your body, in trial cycling it is important to keep your weight and tone. Do you take care of your nutrition so that you can give your best performance? How do you do it?.

Yes, as in all sports you have to take care of both your weight and your physical tone. I personally try to have a diet that complements my daily wear and tear.

Raúl Martínez Marnys Sports9. Do you also supplement your diet with sports. supplements?

In my daily training sessions I take MultiCereal Energy from Marnys Sports for breakfast, it gives me energy and I feel nourished during my workout.

I also usually take an isotonic drink during training. I also take Metal Endurance from Marnys Sports as it is important to restore electrolyte balance to increase endurance.

10. What benefits do you get from sports supplementation?.

It is necessary to be well nourished in general, especially for trials it is important not to feel stiff and this is avoided with sports supplementation. For example, supplements with magnesium help to avoid spasms and cramps. I like the ones offered by Marnys because they come in a drinkable vial format, which is very convenient.

11. Is there any kind of supplement that you would recommend especially for trial cyclists?.

All Marnys Sports supplements are recommended. For the European trial, which was a very tough and long competition, I was using Electrolyte Recocovery throughout the competition, which helped me to keep up and avoid being exhausted at the end of the competition.

12. Do you think it is important that sports supplements are 100% natural, as is the case with MARNYS SPORTS®?.

Yes, of course it is. Anything that is natural and does not contain chemicals helps to avoid cheating the physique.

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