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Phytalgem Dren + Phytalgem Depu, allies for the well-being of your detox processes

Phytalgem Dren + Phytalgem Depu, allies for the well-being of your detox processes

Published: 18 January, 2023 - Updated: 25 October, 2023 | 1'

Phytalgem Dren

MARNYS® Phytalgem Dren contains active ingredients and selected ingredients based on the criteria of botanical science, that is, paying attention to the specific properties of buds and plants. The science of buds is based on the inclusion of plant tissues in the growth phase, such as fresh buds or green shoots, as they contain a plentiful supply of vitamins, enzymes, and minerals that promote well-being in detox processes.

Therefore, this dietary supplement is specifically formulated with buds and concentrates of organically grown plants, carefully selected for the well-being of bodily fluids processes, such as juniper and birch buds, green mate fluid concentrate, guarana, and fennel, all of them of organic origin.

Phytalgem Dren has a pleasant pineapple flavor. In addition, it is free from preservatives, making it a natural option.

Phytalgem Depu

MARNYS® Phytalgem Depu is a great option for the body as it is made with plant extracts and buds with purifying properties due to the young and organically sourced juniper and rosemary shoots, milk thistle extract, and the fluid concentrates of dandelion and artichoke.

Its formulation is also free from stabilizers and any other artificial preservatives, and it has a pleasant pineapple flavor.

Phytalgem Depu

How to take them?

Phytalgem Dren and Phytalgem Depu are presented in convenient single-dose vials for drinking, both have a pineapple flavor and both are suitable for vegans.

Follow a varied and balanced diet accompanied by physical exercise, and combine it with 1 vial per day of Phytalgem Dren and Phytalgem Depu, preferably with meals:

🌞 Phytalgem Dren, 1 vial per day in the morning.
🌜 Phytalgem Depu, 1 vial per day in the evening.