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4 May, 2023

We renew our annual certification of organic and natural cosmetics COSMOS

  • Nearly twenty certified cosmetic products from MARNYS® have this seal that guarantees respect for the environment and sustainable processes.

Cosmos Natural - Cosmos OrganicEvery year Martínez Nieto, S.A. - MARNYS® renews its cosmetics certifications under the COSMOS standard in its two categories: COSMOS NATURAL and COSMOS ORGANIC.

Close to twenty cosmetic products from the Cartagena laboratory have this prominent seal, granted by the renowned British association Soil Association, which guarantees respect for the environment, the responsible use of natural resources, and clean manufacturing processes.

As explained by Vanesa Paredes, pharmaceutical technical director for cosmetics and hygiene products:"the certification renewal process is repeated every yearin order to guarantee the validity of the necessary requirements to obtain it, ranging from a meticulous evaluation of the product's composition to its storage, manufacturing, packaging, environmental management, labeling, and communication."

Additionally, she adds that "cosmetics that comply with this standard guarantee that the product has measured traceability, from the raw materials or ingredients' acquisition, to the product's manufacturing and its arrival to the final customer."

Nearly twenty MARNYS cosmetic products with Organic and Natural certification

The MARNYS® cosmetic products that renew their COSMOS NATURAL certification are the Jojoba Oil, the Moisturizing St. John's Wort Oil, the Regenerating Rosehip Oil, and the roll-ons Acniroll, Biteroll, and Calmiroll.

On the other hand, the products that renew the COSMOS ORGANIC certification are the Organic Soothing Aloe Vera Oil, the Repairing Argan Oil, the Organic Regenerating Rosehip Oil, the Ricinlash Eyelash Repair Oil, as well as the Repairing Foot Cream and the three Karite Butters from the MARNYS Dermpure line.

Consumers and experts value skin-friendly and environmentally friendly cosmetics

Among MARNYS®' certified natural and organic cosmetic products, there are several that have also been awarded at the Organics Clean Awards, prestigious international awards. Specifically, the roll-on Calmiroll was chosen as the Best Innovative Product for Children of 2022, and Acniroll was awarded as the Best Facial Product for Teens of 2022. Additionally, Ricinlash was chosen as the Best Mascara for Eyelashes of 2021, and the Organic Argan Oil was chosen as the Best MCS Body Product of 2021.

In addition to expert judges, it is the consumers themselves who endorse the purchase of high-quality organic and natural cosmetic products, appreciating sustainable cosmetics.

As Vanesa Paredes states, "it is about offering consumers cosmetics that use natural ingredients, combined with a holistic concept of cosmetics through sustainable practices in the companies' production processes. For example, respecting the environment, minimizing environmental impact, applying energy-saving measures, and using recycled or recyclable packaging. All of this is increasingly valued by consumers".