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25 October, 2023

MARNYS - Martínez Nieto, S.A. Presents at the First Congress for Women 45+

  • Held in Madrid on 18th October, World Menopause Day, the congress brought together 25 top experts from all fields.
  • Designed for women over 45 who seek professional answers on how to cope with the stages of perimenopause and menopause.

congreso mujeres 45

MARNYS® - Martínez Nieto, S.A supported the First Congress for Women 45+ held in Madrid on 18th October, World Menopause Day. The company was present with two key products for this stage: Ginecoil, a vaginal moisturizer for internal and external use, and Melatovit Liposomal, a liposomal melatonin supplement.

The event succeeded in bringing together more than 180 people at the Teatro Luchana in Madrid and featured 25 top experts taking the stage, ready to share their knowledge throughout the day.

Gynecologists, cardiologists, nutritionists, dermatologists, cosmetic doctors, trainers, pharmacists, supplementation specialists, image experts, and coaches presented their talks with rigor, providing advice of all kinds so that women can face this stage of life consciously and well-informed.

Among these experts was Elena Urrestarazu, a specialist in Neurology and sleep disorders from the University of Navarra and Vice President of the Spanish Sleep Society. In her presentation, Elena stated that the majority of sleep disorder cases, about 70%, can be solved with non-pharmacological treatments.

primer plano de elena urrestarazu experta en sueño

On the other hand, gynecologist and director of HM Fertility Center Toledo, Marta Sánchez-Dehesa, emphasized the need to treat vaginal dryness, one of the symptoms of menopause for which MARNYS has developed Ginecoil, a moisturizer for internal and external use made with natural ingredients. The expert also mentioned that there are as many menopauses as there are women, but undoubtedly, hot flashes are the predominant symptom in almost all cases, starting strong, tapering off, and then potentially resurfacing after eight years.

marta sanchez dehesa ginecóloga

Tania Martínez (50) and Rosanna Rezusta (52) are the co-founders of www.menogeneration.com, the platform organizing the event, which also aims to be a movement giving voice to women over 45 in the perimenopause or menopause stage.

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