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22 June, 2020

MARNYS® - MARTÍNEZ NIETO, S.A. delivers 300 facial protection screens to the health professionals of Cartagena.

  • The company has delivered the equipment to Hospital Perpetuo Socorro, Practiser, as well as health centers and hospitals in the area
  • The company has also provided an email address for any 'frontline' staff who may need these protective screens.


Entrega de pantallas faciales MARNYS

Photo: Practiser Source. AMPIEC @mujeresAMPIEC

MARNYS - MARTÍNEZ NIETO, S.A. is delivering about 300 units of facial protection screens to health professionals in different hospitals and health centers in Cartagena. 

MARNYS, which in mid March already donated more than 120,000 units of sanitary protection material to the Santa Lucia Hospital, is now delivering these protective screens that have been developed and donated by Novograf, a graphic arts company.

The General Manager of MARNYS - MARTÍNEZ NIETO, S.A., Roberto Martínez, has made this morning the delivery of about 35 units of protective screens to the Hospital Perpetuo Socorro in Cartagena that have been collected by its director Mariló Flores. 

They have also delivered other 35 units for the company group that includes the Clinical Centers Practiser and Hospital Virgen de la Caridad, which were well received by the health staff of the center Practiser at Juan Fernandez street. 

Also, in the next few days, more deliveries will be made to clinics and health centers in the area so that the primary care professionals have this protective material at their disposal. 

E-mail to request protective screens

In addition, MARNYS provides an email to all 'front line' professionals in this battle against COVID-19 and who may need these facial protection screens. Health professionals from hospitals, primary care centers, retirement homes, as well as security forces or other risk workers who need them, may contact the company at to request the facial protection screens. 

The company from Cartagena continues to help protect people who are on the front line in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, as it already did being one of the first companies to donate health protection material. In fact, MARNYS delivered more than 120,000 units of masks, gloves, caps, white coats and shoe covers to the Santa Lucia General University Hospital in mid-March.

MARNYS - MARTÍNEZ NIETO, S.A. is a leading laboratory in the industry of food supplements and certified natural cosmetics. Among their product lines, under MARNYS® brand, there is a wide range of products for strengthening the immune system, being one of the most important manufacturers of royal jelly and propolis-based products in Europe. 

The company from Cartagena has a history of more than fifty years, with a wide international presence in more than 60 countries, and is committed to the highest quality and efficiency standards, with the most demanding sanitary certifications worldwide.


Pantallas COVID-19 Marnys

Photo: Facial protection screens produced by NOVOGRAF