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27 January, 2022

MARNYS makes its shipments carbon neutral

  • The laboratory calculates its environmental footprint and offsets it by providing support for environmental protection projects.



MARNYS® - Martínez Nieto, S.A., the food supplements and natural cosmetics laboratory, continues with its strong commitment to sustainability and the reduction of its environmental footprint. From 1 January 2022 all its shipments to Spain and Portugal have become carbon neutral

This climate neutrality has been achieved thanks to the calculation of the carbon footprint generated in each shipment and offsetting the CO2 produced by financing environmental protection projects.

MARNYS® CEO Roberto Martínez explained that the aim is to "calculate the environmental impact generated by our activity and to compensate and neutralise this carbon footprint to become an increasingly sustainable company". "We are concerned about the effect that our activities may have on the environment, which is why we calculate and offset the carbon footprint of each of our shipments," he said.

Environmental protection project in Chile

By compensating its carbon footprint, MARNYS® contributes to the fight against climate change by supporting UN-certified projects that have been specifically designed to counteract emissions.

Apart from acting on the climate, these projects are located in developing countries to help improve the living conditions of the local communities where they are developed.

The first project that has started to be financed thanks to MARNYS® shipments is a 70 MW hydroelectric plant in Chile, located on the Laja River, which allows the annual reduction of 290,000 tonnes of CO2, producing clean energy for almost 200,000 people. 

This project also provides social benefits in the area through the development of educational programmes on agriculture and beekeeping, training for tourism, and the promotion of entrepreneurship, among others.

MARNYS®, committed to the SDGs and emission reductions

With this emissions offsetting project, MARNYS® helps to meet the Sustainable Development Goals driven by the United Nations to act for the climate, protect the life of terrestrial ecosystems, promote responsible production and consumption, and promote affordable, non-polluting energy.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan, MARNYS® has focused on assessing its environmental footprint and taking different actions to reduce emissions and fight climate change. The laboratory has reduced non-renewable primary energy consumption, and thus CO2 emissions, by 36%. For example, with the installation of the self-consumption photovoltaic plant, energy consumption has been reduced by more than 21%. 

Together with other actions such as the installation of dimmable lighting, the use of natural light, motion sensors and improved insulation and air conditioning systems, the building has obtained the Class A Energy Efficiency Certificate. They also have an Environmental Management System (EMS) with which they carry out ongoing improvements that are revised and audited.